Larger size disk for NS01


I am about to buy a NS01 . It contains 2 TB hard disks. Is it possible to replace them with larger size disks of e.g. 12 TB?
If not, is it possible to rip immediately to an external NAS i.s.o. the local disk?

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Hi, you cannot replace the internal HDD, but you can use a NAS on your network to provide additional storage.

There is a further complexity with the NS01 and other old Naim servers which is that they keep the operating system on the internal HDD and it’s not possible to replace a drive yourself. Also the operating system is Windows XP Embedded which is out of support by Microsoft. It uses SMB1 to communicate with any NAS and also if you want to look at the internal discs from a PC. But SMB1 is widely deprecated by the computer industry as it’s a major security risk and so you have to turn it back on in anything that the NS01 is going to talk to.

Also you need to have the 1.7c firmware which you will need to get from Naim support if it hasn’t already been upgraded.

Having said that, it should work fine. But you need to know what you are getting into.



Thanks David. I understand the HDX is the better option?
Any idea what protocol is used there to access the NAS?


The HDX is essentially the same but with a touchscreen on the front. Have a read of the HDX manual and you’ll get a feel for how it works.

As Chris says it’s the same except for the screen. So the HDX is also Windows XP Embedded and SMB1. And so is the Unitiserve.

There are other options. Personally I wouldn’t now buy one of the old Naim servers, but instead would buy (indeed did buy!) a Naim UnitiCore, but there are plenty of others here who would say you could instead rip CDs on your PC and put the ripped files and downloads on a NAS and then use upnp software running on the NAS. Or there are other non-Naim competitors to the Core that have their supporters, notably Melco (a lot more expensive) and Innuos (somewhat cheaper).



Unless you are getting the NS01 for a song, you might want to consider other options.

I use a 2TB NS01 and am getting close to a point where the HDD is full. If I were to add a separate NAS and then search for files, would the Naim app show everything together as if it was all in one place?

Yes Clive, it would. You just define the NAS location as a music share.


Thank you, David.

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