Last track not showing

Why isn’t the last track showing on my recent downloads?
They are shown in the download folder, but not in the app.
The latest i tried was Beethoven 6th symphony (DGG).
But the last movement is missing.
Hope somebody can help me with this issue.

Normally this sort of problem is because the missing track has some minor but important difference in the metadata or even in the file name itself. But to give a better answer, you need to tell us where this download folder is, how did you save the music there, what format is the music in and which Naim app you are using.


I am using the nServe app for unitiserve.
Streaming to NDS.
Its a 24-96 download.
I also tried another HD version.
Last movement missing there too.

I would start with the name of the missing file(s) and the metadata, as David mentioned.

I would wipe out the name(s) of the file(s) in the downloads folder, and type them in from scratch. I would also delete the metadata for the file(s) and re-enter it with dbPoweramp or some other metadata editor.

There can be HIDDEN characters that prevent the Naim servers from seeking the files. The only way to know is to totally wipe the data and re-enter it.

Thanks a lot!
The file name of the last movement was really long.
I made it short. And now it works.
Thx Bart and David.

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Very good. Bart beat me to it. I agree with his suggestion about dbPoweramp incidentally. You can’t use it on the Music/MQ folder but you can operate directly on the downloads folder just like it was any other disc folder on a PC.



Glad to hear it! The way my UnitiServe worked, if there was a file with an illegal name (hidden character, non-supported character, name too long, etc), that file and every file after it would be skipped. In your case, it happened to be the last one :slight_smile:

Other UPnP servers are happy with such characters; the Naim servers are particularly picky. Stick with the standard 0-9 A-Z and a-z to be safe.

i had the same problem with my ex unitserve. Some tracks didn’t appear, some few hours later. However it occurred rarely.
Sometimes restarting the serve helped.

There are a variety of reasons why tracks may show up as missing, but non-supported characters or too long a text string in the file name or metadata absolutely can cause it to happen. Those are good to check first.

Here the text string in the file name was very long. Too long.
Learned more about streaming audio now.
More easy with CD or Vinyl.
But i love the streaming.
Thanks to you all!

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