Latest Classic Uniti software update

I’m thinking of updating my Uniti 1 with the latest software that came out earlier this year and wondered if anyone had tried it on their classic Uniti product?
If so was it a worthwhile update, my Uniti 1 has the upgraded board used in the later Uniti 2 so if anyone who has updated these particular units that would be especially helpful.

I upgraded my Uniti2 to the new software, for the multi room I think? Or was it other stuff? Anyway, it was all straight forward and works fine.

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The main point of this update was to fix issues with some HLS feeds, with Tidal and some small bugs. I don’t recall seeing anyone report it as sounding any different to the previous firmware. You can always roll back if you want anyway.

I asked Naim re last update for Uniti 1 and naim said yes. So I did. Not sure if sounded better as use mine as source for Naim Nait 2. However it did not break it and solved the old streamer update message I used to get.

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