Latest FW and App update for Uniti Star and Mu-So Qb

HELP. I did a FW update to Uniti Star and Mu-So Qb (original) yesterday. Both came back on the App before the App updated to 5.22.1. Post update, the Uniti Star’s display no longer worked. The app then updated overnight. Now I have a few more problems. The Mu-So Qb no longer comes up on the App, even though it is connected to the Star (via wifi) and plays radio etc. Also, and most distressingly, I have lost all playlist info. The playlists are still visible, but they are all empty. I suspect the last two issues are App related, and the display issue is FW related. Anyone else with these issues or have clues/ things to try? Apologies if I have missed a post on this elsewhere - I’m new to this forum.

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Have you done a full plug out power down, wait, power up restart. Failing that, a reset?

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To add to Richard’s excellent advice, please fully reboot your Apple device- full power down and back up.

Thanks for your quick response! Done full plug out power down on both Qb and Star as well as my apple devices and reset the app a number of times. No joy on the Start display (still completely black, even on power-up after full plug out power down). Qb is now visible in the App (although I cannot definitively say what fixed that). App has intermittent issues finding the Star (“Streamer not responding”), sometimes my Albums are visible, sometimes not, the favourites menu line is sometimes there, sometimes not, and playlists are empty despite all being listed and some with album icons showing. Maybe it is sorting itself in background (eg the album cover icons in the playlist list are slowly populating)? I’ll look in the morning. I hope this all gets sorted - had the gear for 4 years and it has been rock solid till now.

If things don’t settle after a few hours, I would suggest a factory reset of your Uniti Star. (Please note, you will lose presets.)

Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Star. Continue to hold for 5 seconds. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons. Wait for the Uniti Star to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

Thanks Clare. What are the presets I lose? Is there anything else I lose? Eg will playlists still be there - I have spent a long time curating them! What about the albums and meta data (some of which I have entered in manually) - is that safe or will that need to be redone? I guess this will be safe as it is all on a solid state drive?

You’ll lose radio presets, but also all settings like input names, balance, output settings and so on. Effectively, it will be like a new product with a pre-existing music store plugged into it.

TIDAL/Qobuz/Spotify playlists are unaffected- they are stored in the cloud at the streaming service. Playlists referencing music on the Star will be deleted, though.

Your metadata is stored on the SSD/drive along with the music. That is all unaffected by the factory reset - though you will need to add it as a music store again once you’ve done the reset.

Thanks again Claire. To confirm, when you say “Playlists referencing music on the Star”, my music is on an external SSD. I assume that playlists are stored on the Star, so they will be lost? For the future, is there any way I can backup the playlist info so I don’t lose them if this should happen again?

Also, can you please point me to a detailed manual so I can work through this process and minimise the questions here. The display is still non-functional, so it looks like I’m headed for a factory reset.

Thanks for your help!

Here you go with all things Uniti Star:

And re on-product playlists- I just screenshot mine in App in case I ever need to rebuild them

I do think that as people now tend to use more and longer playlists this is a slightly weak area of app/streamer functionality. The Unitiserve was excellent with playlists, and that included the ability to restore them from backup in just a few seconds.
The Naim app locally stored playlists have been somewhat prone to corruption since the day the app replaced the old N-Stream. When iOS apps were backed up via iTunes you could see the individual playlists there. Still, if you have quite a few long playlists it would be pretty tedious to have to manually rebuild them from a list. A more 21st century way to preserve them would be nice :blush:

I’ll feed all that back, of course.

Worth reiterating that many users are now creating playlists in TIDAL/Qobuz/Spotify, which remain unaffected by any system changes.

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Yes, it’s the locally stored app playlists I was referring to. These are great for convenience, but over time I’ve found that managing and storing them on the server is the reliable option, and this is something that Naim servers do well.

Thanks Clare and Chris.

This is heavy news. I have nearly 1000 albums that I have reviewed and built playlists along the way. It would be great to have someway to back these up. One of the main attractions of the Star was that I could continue to listen to my collection of CDs. It I was just streaming and building playlists on the someone else’s cloud, I would probably have gone for another product. The other reason for building playlists was that the Start only shuffles 500 tracks at a time. Will this be addressed at any stage, so I can shuffle my entire collection?

My Start is becoming increasingly flaky after this upgrade (to 3.7.0 (5270)):

  • screen does not work
  • the app can’t find the Star 50% of the time
  • internet radio has stopped working
  • although the playlist names are still visible (even with album icons showing at times) there is nothing in the lists

First upgrade in 4 years where I have experienced problems - so I guess I’m not doing too badly. As per above, some way to backup playlists and shuffle more than 500 tracks would be wonderful.


Oh - where you read “Start” above, I meant “Star” - spell checker caught me out.

Have you done the full factory reset yet?

The 500 track limit is in the app rather than the streamer, and had always been there. You are not the first person to mention this, so while you would think Naim might have increased this by now if they ever intended to, given the increased use of playlists these days perhaps they would consider it if enough people ask for it. Maybe one for the feature request thread?

Hello Richard. Just did 4 factory resets - front panel display still not working. Star seems to be working (can pair remote and it comes up in the app), but I’m dead in the water without the display. Suggestions please.

OK thanks. Unless @Tomvamos has any ideas, you could try contacting Naim tech support.

I’m afraid this sounds like one for the diagnostic powers of Naim support.

OK - thanks. I’ll update this topic with progress.