Latest iOS update can’t see server

After a recent iOS app update to 5.23.2 I can no longer see the server.This is the same for 2 iPhones running the same app version.
I could kick myself as I have been messing on the laptop trying to figure out if it was my qnap or the version of minimserver I’m running.I had a brainwave and realised that a iPad wouldn’t of been updated.
The iPad is running with app version 5.19 and works perfectly.
Is this a known issue with the latest app version and is there a fix on the way.

It’s not a known issue of the latest app version. I suggest the next thing to try is closing the app, by swiping upwards in the app switcher screen and then restart.

Also another thing worth trying is restarting everything including your NAS and your router.

Hi David,
thanks for the reply.
I have tried those you suggested and also deleting apps off both iPhones and re-installing with no luck.
One thing I have just figured out since my fist post is the app sees the server in upnp compatibility mode.

Have you tried powering off your iPhone for at least 10 minutes?


I have similar problems with Asset UPnP. The server is sometimes visible, sometimes not. Other devices can detect the server without any problem. Support totally ignored my problem report.
I am using the latest version of iOS and the latest version of the application. Shame for the company for such an approach to customers.

Hi all,
I have sorted the issue.
Gadgetman’s reply with regard to turning off the phone for 10 minutes prompted me to do a reset.
I reset all network settings on my wife’s iPhone and the issue was resolved.I repeated with my phone and all is working as it should.
Thanks again for the replies and suggestions.:+1:

Happy you’ve sorted it
It got me wondering if this is related to the recent posts on a QNAP problem that needed to check a feature that allows unsigned software.
Just wondering, in case it might come back.

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I’m using the latest app and the latest Asset version for Qnap and have had no problems. The ticking the box thing has been the same for four or five years, so nothing new there.

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Recently I lose the UPnP server (Qnap/Asset in my case) after an Apple auto update on my devices. The trick is to remember to turn the iPhone off and on before I go and restart everything else in the system.

I’ve had a similar problem which has only occurred in the last couple of weeks. When I start using the app (which is left running in the background) there are no UPNP servers showing. They gradually appear after varying degrees of time with Minim always coming up last. The next day whenI use the app they have all gone again. It is a bit weird and rather a pain as all was fine until recently.

This looks like a cache problem. The application probably searches the server from time to time, and then uses the data it has.
My server isn’t always up and maybe that’s where the problems come from (but it’s been like that for a long time and there weren’t any problems before). If so, a simple “refresh” button in the servers tab would solve the problem. Another option is to refresh the list when entering the application.

The Naim app department probably assumed that it has loyal users who will accept the occasional restart of the phone before listening to music;).

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My account is created just to report this issue.
My iphone and ipad running 5.23.2 is unable to access UPnP server except in compatible mode. My wife’s iphone running 5.19 is still accessible as normal. I’ve tried all sorts here: turn-off iphone, reset network settings but no luck.
What can I do? Any suggestion?
Thank you.

I got this issue fixed by updating IOS from 14.6 to 15.4.1 on my iPhone.

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