Latest purchase shipping damage (again)

I bought a Bob Cusworth Isolation Platform second hand last week but have only really had a good look at this morning and noticed a large-ish crack in the wood or veneer.

I don’t think Bob makes these anymore and their original retail was about £500, I paid £225.

I asked the seller if he could use plenty of packing/padding and if possible double box it, the seller did send me some photo’s of how he’d packed it but then promptly sent it before I could reply.

When I looked at the photo’s I mentioned to him that I thought that the packing/padding looked to be insufficient as although he’d done a fairly good job there wasn’t much packing/padding around the item which would leave it susceptible to torsional twist as the item was pretty much rigid with the outer cardboard box so any torsional twist or impact would of been transferred directly to the item/frame/plinth.

Anyway, I contacted the seller and they have suggested a reduction/refund and asked me to make a suggestion for how much I think it should be.

Obviously one option would be to return the item back to the seller.

I’m just gauging what forum members think would be a suitable amount for the damage.

I should think in it’s present state with the damage it would be hard to re sell.

A pic of the overall item:

A pic showing the damage:

So it’s currently worth nothing?

Ul;timately would you ever be happy knowing it has that damage? And does it affect performance?

£50 off sounds a reasonable amount but only you can answer if you will be happy with it.

[Edit] Is it a split in the veneer that wasn’t disclosed rather than postage damage?

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I can’t tell if it’s split veneer or split wood. The seller says it’s solid American Oak but I can’t tell.

It’s possible that it was already damaged and that it wasn’t damaged in transit as the sellers photo’s were really poor as he’s taken them in a window but taken the pics from the dark/shadow side.

If you can’t trust the seller then I would walk away. Not clear to me one way or the other though.

Is this Ebay? Can you check other stuff they’ve sold?

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I would go for a full refund…I suspect you will never be happy with it…


Yes it was off fleebay. I’ll have a look through their feedback.

Is the top picture yours or theirs? Keeping it near the radiator could explain the split

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I think you are in a pretty strong position if you want to keep it to try out / fix.

If it were me I’d say £90 to buy it, or a full refund please.


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To me, that looks to be s proper crack in the structure - not just in a veneer. If its solid wood, there is no veneer…?

Did the state of the box it came in suggest it had been dropped…?

Item not as described. Return, for full refund.


Yes the top pic is theirs, The damage would be on the front side/face which is shown in that first image.

Yes it’s a strange one. I think it is a solid piece of wood and not veneered.

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I’ve been in the exact same position as a seller. I can tell you the seller really doesn’t want to deal with shipping etc or having to re-sell … I’d offer him $75…$150.00 off you’ll never sell it. But if you are simply not happy send it back.

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This is the second item I’ve bought in as many weeks where the seller has used insufficient and unsuitable packing/padding and I’ve ended up with a damaged item.

That’s if this was actually damaged in transit which I’m not sure about.

It’s really your call. If it’s going to bother you, send it the F back. life’s to short. I’ll tell you I buy very very little preowned audio and I won’t buy anything that does not have Original Boxes and Packing. Good Luck

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It does not really matter. You have received it with a significant crack in it.

Send It Back…!!!


Usually, here in New Zealand at least, for a private sale, the shipping risk is on the buyer.

Is this constructed akin to a Linn LP12 plinth i.e. the corner is internally supported & reinforced. If so, I wonder if the wood has split along the line of the internal channelling – and it might continue to split along this path.

Personally, that looks an existing non-transit issue, as there are no dents evident, and the edges and corners look fine from the pics(?). I’d return, unless you want to muck about with suitable wood glue and finishing sticks.

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I would send it back, because you can’t predict if this crack will amplify or not in the future. It’s risky. And not sure this block is now as effective as it was without the crack.


From the looks of it the wood might just be cosmetic? With the “functioning” part being the black/recessed bit?
If so, if you can place the crack towards the back so it’s not visible, why not try and get a nice discount?

You paid 225, so about a 100 seems reasonable? You might even be able to get a carpenter to replace it for the money saved? If it’s in the end solid wood as you say, there’s nothing magic about that.

If it is part of the functioning bit you have to decide what it’s worth to you in it’s current state vs the hassle of sending it back. I would personally try to avoid that hassle, although obviously not at any cost.

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That’s a very strange way of doing it as the seller packs the item.