Latest purchase shipping damage (again)

It does have a solid internal base and a cut out channel where this sits and the crack is in the area where the channel is (in the weakest spot) so I think that is what has happened.

To me, that looks like an old split, though it is hard to be sure. In any case, it doesn’t look like damage during transit IMV. What was the box/packaging like when you received it?

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I still have the box/packing in the garage and from memory it looked OK but there wasn’t much space around the plinth and the cardboard box and there wasn’t much padding/packing and it was packed tight with the outer box so if it had been dropped this would of transferred straight into the wood plinth.

@Yorkshireman Is this the one you just posted in the other thread, or did you return this and get another one?

Yes, I decided to keep it and got £150 off the original price, so I ended up paying £75.00 in total.

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I’m not sure if Bob Cusworth is still working or if he still makes these or not.

I couldn’t see much recent activity for him on his Facebook page.

You wouldn’t have bought it in that condition so why keep it. :thinking:

Well it does the job and the seller offered a decent discount.

I have an old school friend who’s a joiner and if I could be bothered he could repair it. A matter of finding some American Oak.

My friend said it was a “shake” in the wood (natural fault) and said Oak isn’t recommended for this reason.

He also said if he knew where to get the rubber squidgy isloation things inside and knew how it worked internally, he could knock one up easy peasy and very cheaply.



As long as you’re happy I don’t think you would have bought it knowing and in timber terms a shake in the wood is a natural structural fault and shouldn’t be used.
Looks nice in the room.

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I tested the TT on the top of rack and then on the Bob Cusworth isolation platform and the platform opened up the mid range which is exactly what I’d hoped it would do.