Latest review of Naim Atom

Just spotted this review online.
Anyone wondering whether to get into Naim, worth a read.


Well, he definitely liked it, didn’t he?

Indeed a very positive (and believable) review.

I did have a UniQute which was also a little gem.

I moved to a Bluesound Pulse 2i as I use it in the bedroom and the lack of being able to extinguish all lights was the deal breaker for me (you can turn off logo light on UniQute).

Thanks for posting.


Just 2 thoughts:

  1. Anything you read in the internet is worth what you paid for it(!)
  2. He’s using Klipsch speakers; I won’t comment one way or the other on their sound quality but I will comment on their 100dB efficiency (a rarity on this forum).

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