Lavender cable dressing

What’s the best way to cope with the excess cable eg. CD to Pre, NDX to Pre? They are 2 or 3 times longer than the distance between boxes. Coiling them with a cable tie would be the neatest solution but I believe that this is a real no no! My excess NacA5 is folded like the old rip-rap firework but this would not work with the lavenders. I thought of winding each around a piece of stiff card with slots to keep the coils apart. Would that work? Any ideas as now they hang down to the floor and can’t be kept away from mains or speaker cables?

I don’t think the lavender are as fussy re dressing as SLs…or HLs… wouldn’t worry too much

A couple of turns will do no harm, but nothing wrong with a long dangle.
Being ‘close’ to a power cable is not an issue if they just cross each other at 90 degrees, its running alongside for a distance that should be avoided.
I’ll just mention I made my own IC’s at the correct length to fit.

Just tie it in a loose knot.

Thanks for the replies - a loose knot would work…

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