Lawn Shrimp

Anyone else in the UK discovered these little critters?

I had never seen these in my garden (been here over 20 years) until last year when I lifted a plant pot and they started hopping about like mad. Something disconcerting about them compared to other ‘creepy crawlies’!

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New one on me, will watch out for them.

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Bit small to put on a BOQ. :grin:


They remind me of tiny shrimp we’ve seen when digging in the sand on some beaches in West Wales - I wonder if we could have brought something home which likes the garden!

Seems possible that builders introduced something with raw materials a few years ago when doing stuff at the house, or that they came with some small potted plants/herbs over the years.

I think it’s the colour but they make me think of giant fleas, and they can hop several feet in a few seconds.

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