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Hi all what lead is required to run an olive 250 to a xs2 amp usiing it as a pre

It’s not really recommended to front a NAP250 with a NAIT XS2, but it is possible if you use the sub-out pre-out with a 2 x RCA Phono to fully wired XLR. Such a lead would probably have to be custom made, or else get a standard 250 DIN4-XLR lead and change the DIN to a pair of RCAs.

Alternatively, if you are running a power supply with the NAIT XS2 then just connect into one of the three pre-out DIN4s on the power supply.

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Could you sell the Nait XS2 and buy an olive NAC72 and Hicap with the proceeds? 72/HC/250 is a classic for a reason.

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His profile suggests he owns 72/hicap/250 already !

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Also no mention of an XS2, so I assumed the question was asked for someone else. Apologies if I misunderstood.

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yes i already run a 72 but own a xs2 also ,the reason to run the xs2 pre is mainly to gain my headphones back plus my remote
Hopefully the 250 will still shine through and give my sbls the control it brings

Power comes from the power amp, but control is more a function of the pre-amp; As the Pirelli advert used to say, power is nothing without control.


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