Lead times

I’m wondering what the lead times are at the moment for Naim products.
I placed and paid for a Fraim a couple of weeks back and no notice of the Fraim to to date, was advised 2-3 weeks.
Considering a Fraim doesn’t have any electrical components ie chips involved I would have thought Fraim would be pretty straightforward, assuming Naim keeps stock of these items and are not built to order.

Back in the 80’s, Naim were building to order, pretty much. I doubt its changed - stock comes with costs.

Naim don’t make fraim so you’ll need to wait for it to arrive.

Supply chain disruptions caused by various recent events are impacting many manufactured goods besides electronic components. Could it be that Fraim manufacturing is suffering from this too?

2-3 weeks is pretty good. I’ve been quoted 3-5 weeks for a Hifiracks podium.

I ordered a 555PS at the end of October and was quoted 10 weeks; it arrived after 4 weeks. I don’t know if I was lucky or if it’s a sign of things returning to normal but it was a very pleasant surprise.

The person who will know best here is your dealer. And if they don’t know then they only have to contact their Naim rep to get some kind of indication.

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I have, awaiting reply. It’s a huge not issue but would be nice for a clearer estimate. This time of year probably not helping.
Trouble is I will be rackless in a few days, since I sold the current one.
Yes I mean rackless, not reckless as my wife keeps reminding me.

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