Leap forward speakers for NDX2 and SN2

I have an NDX2 and SN2 driving Neat motive SX1 speakers. I am fairly happy with the sound but suspect that my £2k speakers are holding back my £8k front end.

I need to keep to a similar sized floor stander and must be able to be placed approx 30cm from rear wall. I believe that the PMC twenty5 2.3 would be similar but perhaps a slight bit more forward - this would not be a good enough improvement.

What sort of sound do I want? More bass extension but with extreme control plus a more accurate mid range.


I’d consider a bit further upstream before you consider speakers. Your NDX2 should be stunning so time to consider an amp upgrade IMHO.

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Wow, I have just upgraded to the SN2 and suspect that I am now hearing my speakers at their best. You have me all curious now - what amp upgrade would you recommend?

Over 15 years my Naim Credos went from a 32-5/90 to 82/Supercap/250 with a 102, Hicap and 140 along the way before I eventually upgraded to Spendor A7s. My Credos allowed every upgrade to shine through.

You have a nice balanced system there that needs an amp that opens the widow a bit wider and allows more music though. The Pre is the heart of the Naim system so pick the best that you can and choose the power with the remainder of the budget.

Is the SN2 not a good enough pre? Perhaps with a 250? What about just hicap or supercap on the SN2?

Yes my system is well balanced so I would need a leap forward to convince me to change. I had assumed this would be speakers but now you have me intrigued.

The SN2 is highly flexible in how it’s configured and can run in a mixed system as a first step. You could use the SN2 as just a preamp with a NAP for example or add a NAP200 or similar and biamp between the two.
You could also add a PSU like a HiCap (I did this on my SN2) or Supercap and then use it later to power a NAC.
If you were to buy a new preamp you’d need a few other things as well to get you up and running not least a power amp so you could go at it back to front and get the bits you’d need for a pre/power system and still use the SN2 on the way.
I had a similar plan for my SN2 system, I originally got the HiCap DR to drive a NAC282 later down the line but will likely replace that for a Supercap and then use that for a NAC252 instead. In parallel I’m aiming to add a NAP200, both of which can work with the SN2 and then later down the line the SN2 can go to the TV room and the preamp will become a NAC252.
You could dabble with a 202/200/HiCap system but if you’re going that route beyond a SN2 you may as well do it properly.

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The OP is asking for speaker suggestions not views on how his SN2 is inadequate.
It isn’t; it’s a great match for an NDX 2.
You have a great 2 box system there.
Of course you could improve the amp(s) but you don’t need to.
Once you have let your system bed in, try to listen to a few options at your local dealers.
Have you heard the PMC 25.23’s?
They could surprise you.
Spendor A7
Neat Iota Explorer
The SN2 Will capably drive all of these speakers and would be a noticeable improvement on your current speakers.


I currently have a NDX 2 > SN 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400 system. I am quite happy with the speakers and feel they are a great fit with the system.

If I was looking to change I would be looking at the ATC 19, Harbeth 30.1, Harbeth HL5 plus or into a ProAc speaker since I had the D2 previously and enjoyed the sound/music quite a bit.

One thing for sure I would be at my dealers listening to the options and trying to arrange for a home demo. Lots of folks on here have the SN2 with the NDX 2 and a search may help you find what others are using.

Good luck with your search and decision!

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The NDX2 and SN2 is a beautifully matched pairing and I wouldn’t be rushing to change it. Remember that you don’t have an £8k front end, but a £5k one.

I suggest you try some alternative speakers up to about £4,000 to determine whether you prefer them to your Motives. Have you ever tried Naim’s SBLs? You can find them well under £1,000 and they will take as much amplification as you can throw at them. The PMC twenty5.23 is a fine speaker and in my view in a different class to the Motives, and well worth trying.


Just don’t go there, let everything settle in.

For my same system I have Totem Forest Signatures, which I love. My dealer had the same set up with his SN2. Focal Kantas are liked by some, though I find them a bit sterile. I’m not familiar with the Neats.

Speakers will always take more it seems, which is why system balance is so important. You don’t want to end up in a vortex of component upgrades. Or maybe you do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You write that you have only just upgraded to the SN and the NDX2 itself must be fairly new.

Have you fine-tuned every aspect of your setup, including and above all speaker position and furnishings to the new setup?

Frankly, I’d wait to let everything settle in and to get the setup room/system integration optimised before spending more on anything. Apart from anything, it will give you a clearer idea of which aspects of replay you want to change.

A good dealer will then be able to arrange a demo to explore the impact of differ black boxes with or instead of your existing gear and of different speakers with your room. The impact of these will in addition be much clear when you have the sound of your existing but now still fairly new system clearly imprinted in your memory.

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Hi @Mr.M, I did speak to a few dealers and considered a more complete buy in to the Naim eco system with multiple boxes, power supplies etc. but quickly determined that this was not for me. I wanted a great solution that would allow further upgrades if I could find nothing else to do with my hard earned, and knew that I could get into a seriously expensive habit if not careful.

I am very happy with my 2 box system so won’t do anything about the amps.

Phew, I was worried there for a moment :+1:


Hi @1GiantLeap, thank you for the suggestions. You are exactly right, I must spend a lot of time with a good dealer who has all or most of these alternatives.

I am still months or more away from my system settling and working out whether to stick to the excellent Naim app or continue with Roon after my trial period expires. Speaker assessments will be a far harder process than choosing the amps and streamer - so subjective, so different and the motive SX1s are so good in the first place. I will take a lot of persuading to part with them but I am confident that a great alternative does exist.

Ha ha, yes very happy indeed and would not consider changing but one or two posts just had me curious as to what the posters thought of alternatives. There are so many great advisors out there, all with differing experiences, equipment and budgets! I am always keen to hear people’s views.

It is great to hear of other people’s journey’s but my own will be very specific.

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It’s always important to keep the synergy and authority right with system / speaker matching, its easy to get an upgrade bug and overstep your system with better speakers, 2 months later you’ll be looking at the system thinking the speakers deserve more. In my limited experience your system should always be the boss and should have complete control and authority over the speakers, so be careful, you may well be there already although i’m not familiar with the Motive SX1’s.

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Sorry, I meant the streamer and amp - what is the collective term for these?[quote=“hungryhalibut, post:10, topic:2741”]
I suggest you try some alternative speakers up to about £4,000 to determine whether you prefer them to your Motives. Have you ever tried Naim’s SBLs? You can find them well under £1,000 and they will take as much amplification as you can throw at them. The PMC twenty5.23 is a fine speaker and in my view in a different class to the Motives, and well worth trying.

Yes £4k is approximately where I imagine I would have to go. I would have to rule out the SBLs on looks alone - I would never get them past my good woman! The PMCs are mentioned a lot, are a similar size to mine and I like the idea of a transmission line. I do actually like 2.5 way speakers as opposed to 2 way but that is probably an unfounded bias.

I suppose that I feel I am getting better value for money with a higher driver count!

The NDX2/SN2 is a fantastic system and one I wouldn’t mind owning. Bigger bass usually but not always means bigger drivers and bigger speakers. I’m pretty biased but I don’t think you’ll go far wrong with Dynaudio speakers just decide a price and pick the best used pair you can find for the money.

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I suppose the collective term for the black boxes is ‘the electronics’ or ‘the black boxes’. The front end is precisely that, in your case the NDX2.

I’d bin any ideas of getting better value from a 2.5 way speaker. You can get tiny two way speakers that knock spots of huge floorstanders with five or six drivers. It’s the sound that matters.