Leaving Tidal - albums in Roon?

As per the title. If i leave Tidal (trialling Qobuz at the moment) do the albums i have added from Tidal into my Roon library just disappear from my library automatically or do i need to edit and remove the links ?



I’ve just done this last weekend, they will just disappear but you should do a library cleanup afterwards (Settings > Library > Clean Up Library).

I migrated using Soundiiz. I just paid for a month and cancelled. It saved a lot of time.

One pain is that Roon doesn’t remember the play counts from the Tidal versions an treats them like new albums.

The other thing I have been doing (manually!) is reviewing all my local content to see if QoBuz has a studio master where I have a CD rip. I’ve then moved the local albums off to a separate set of folders to avoid duplicates.


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Thanks for the quick reply Richard. That sounds pretty painless.



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