Length/type of cables between 52 and 135s


I’m just getting some 135s to go with a 52 that up till now I’ve been running with a non-Naim power amp. Unfortunately layout of current flat makes siting the two 135s next to the 52 difficult. Anyone know whether it’s okay to put the 135s some distance away - say 3 metres?

If so, can I use regular microphone (XLR-XLR) cables to connect them up? I already have two DIN-XLR cables that would connect the 52 to the 135s if they were close enough, one for left and one for right channel. If I leave those on and put regular microphone cable on the XLR end, then would I effectively have an extension lead, or are standard mic cables wired differently?

Might not be sonically ideal but am moving soon. Just don’t want to do anything that will stress out the 135s I suppose, much less make them go pop.

The alternative is somehow to keep the 135s near the 52, but I basically don’t have enough shelf space to do that without things getting a bit Jenga.

I emailed Naim a few days ago but they haven’t got back yet. Had a search around here; couldn’t find an answer but sorry if this has been covered before. Thanks very much for any thoughts.

The 52/Supercap was never really designed to drive long cabling, so using cables over the standard 1.25m length risks impairing sound and pushing it into instability. I fear that a pair of even the lowest capacitance 3m cables may be too much without adding some resistance to slug the lead, and performance will be adversely impaired.

p.s whatever you don’t use balanced cables on the Naim kit. The XLRs are single ended and should be specifically wired for Naim.

Thanks - that’s really helpful to know.

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