Less is more?

I have recently demoed some upgrades, moderately expensive cartridges and sub-chassis specifically.

I could not really decide between two similarly priced MC candidates despite a couple of hours of A/B comparison.

After choosing I listened to an LP 12 with standard vs Kore sub-chassis.

The standard sub-chassis with a cheaper cartridge immediately made me prick my ears up - the sound was fantastic to me and I felt like saying just sell me that. In retrospect I think it was more satisfying than more expensive options.

The better sub-chassis was considerably fuller in sound/spaciousness but harder to follow - colouration or perhaps my hearing deteriorating as I find it difficult to hear people in noisy environments?

Interesting as I say as perhaps a downgrade would have been more satisying than an on paper upgrade.

Anyone else ever experienced this?

I have built several LP12’s, all with different levels of components. Old sub chassis with cirkus bearings haVe what I would call a warmer and nice, full presentation. The table has a more melancholy laid back sound. As you upgrade the sub chassis, bearing, and other components, the suspended system becomes tighter and delivers more detail. The sound also changes from the warmer presentation to more detailed, defined, and provides more Air around the instruments, and gives you depth. My uncle has two LP 12 set up at all times, with two very different build levels as I explained. Some people prefer the warmer sound of the less expensive tuned TT.



Interesting as my feeling was I probably wanted two LP12 builds depending on what I was listening to!

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