Letter To You - Bruce Springsteen


Rumour as it 23 October release. :sunglasses:

01 “One Minute You’re Here”
02 “Letter To You”
03 “Burnin Train”
04 “Janey Needs A Shooter”
05 “Last Man Standing”
06 “The Power Of Prayer”
07 “House Of A Thousand Guitars”
08 “Rainmaker”
09 “If I Was The Priest”
10 “Ghosts”
11 “Song For Orphans”
12 “I’ll See You In My Dreams”


Single and title track is up on Quboz and it sounds great…

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Also Tidal, phew!

Whereabouts are you located Martinzero?

I am based in the UK, and don’t see the album on Tidal yet.

Its not on Qobuz either in the UK, but it is on Spotify

Ah thats why i was interested! Often stuff is very differently available by region. I am in Germany.

Thanks Martinzero & Gazza,

I guess it will eventually appear in the UK over the next few weeks.


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Might “sound” great but it also sounds wholly predictable and nothing interesting. I say that as a long time fan.

On Spotify in NZ.

Sounds familiar and comfortable like a favourite pair of slippers, it maybe predictable but I always look forward to a new Springsteen album.


I’m a bit miffed that one side of the double album is etched another waste of plastic and music. :rage:

It’s on Amazon Ultra HD…no view yet as to how good it is…