Levelling a (non-FRAIM) cabinet

I am restricted to a single stack in a cabinet I had made (for reasons of domestic rather than musical harmony) to accommodate my equipment. Currently supports RP10/PS Audio NuWave/282/HiCap/250DR.

When I commissoned the cabinet I didn’t think about levelling so now I want to add adjustable feet. This will allow me to set the rear of the cabinet flush to the wall and secure it with brackets; currently it’s not quite flush. Everything sounds fine despite this, but the visible gap behind the unit is irittating.

My question is whether any other forum-dwellers have experience with adding adjustable feet, and if so what type you used and where you sourced from? If going spiked, there are a lot of speaker spikes available, but little mention of cabinets. Non-spiked feet are available but presumably not made to fine tolerances so a risk of adding vibration. On the other hand levelling and securing to the wall should be an inprovement. Walls are brick, floor is carpet over solid concrete.

For the record, replacement with FRAIM is not possible; this cabinet has to stay (see “domestic harmony” above).

Hi Arcadian, I once made my own speaker stands, these had a wood base into which i recessed 4 No. 8mm ‘pronged tee nuts’


This allowed me to use 8mm threaded rod with lock nuts to adjust the length. I ground a point on the end of each section of threaded rod. Alternatively I am sure that you can buy pointy speaker ‘spikes’ from E bay, etc and seat them on metal discs to prevent damage to the floor. I recall I used 10p coins!

Or, you can buy sets like these

Or just go with feet, if you are happy that you don’t need spikes.


I would go for spiked feet, there are plenty on the market as you say. Not sure I would want it fixed to the wall as well, the spiked feet give some level of decoupling, so coupling to the wall seems at odds with that.

Thank you, just what I was looking for. I would never in a million years have come up with “spike tee nuts”!

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