LG 65C14K oled 2021 and I can't seem to get it to recognize Yamaha RX-A840

I have just bought LG 65C14K oled 2021 and I can’t seem to get it to recognize Yamaha RX-A840 which use for surround sound, used to work with my old LG 55LA 6230.
Is the Yamaha RX-A840 not compatible with LG 65C14K something to do with Dolby Atmos. The only way I can play dolby digital by using a Sony DVD player and alter sound settings to eARC on the LG 65C14K and it behaves like it did with my old TV set up.
But if I try play content from say Apple TV which is telling me its dolby atmos and go through same procedure eARC settings it’s telling me its playing in PCM and not dolby digital or Atmos.
Do I need to change my Yamaha RX-A840 for something which will over come my problems, I don’t mind changing for another surround sound source.
As my existing Yamaha is wired as a processor doing the sub and two rear speakers, and I don’t really want to go cutting into my ceiling for the extra speakers.
The front is two channel set up powered by Naim 200 = 202 which is used by Linn Sondek Densen CDP and a Antipodes music server.

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