Library-CD LP storage ideas

I am Planning to custom built library together with CD/LP storage part

1000 CD and LP aprox and lots of books

Any ideas pictures are welcome for inspration

Dont send any NAS pictures please:))


I may use the big wall include the TV and use other side as well

In a previous house, I got a local fitted bedroom furniture company to build this for “in-use” CDs


I’ve been thinking about my next move for cd storage as I have now exceeded my allotted space downstairs. I think custom built shelving is the way to go, with as big a span as you can get. The more uprights there are in a shelving system, the bigger a PITA it is to file your latest purchases. Don’t use mdf like I did, it bends, even on short spans.

It’s an oldish pic, and the system has moved to another room. Makes accessing the cd’s easier.


I had a local carpenter ‘knock’ these up for me - best way to get a bespoke fitting for the room.

Unfortunately this is only a mere fraction of the collection which has grown out of control.


How do you deal with storing new albums that, alphabetically, need to slot in the middle of a full shelf? For years now I’ve tended towards leaving the storage of new CDs until I’ve got 50+, when I’ll spend an hour or two rejigging until they all fit, in correct sequence, nice and neatly. I don’t like the look of empty spaces which some of my friends leave deliberately as ‘expansion gaps’.
It’s always bugged me, but I can’t think of a better way! Am I overlooking the blindingly obvious?

He need to employ someone :))

It’s a labour of love, or a PITA, depending on your point of view. Of course, don’t buy anything beginning with A.

I have 1600+ cd’s and that’s bad enough.

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Apologies to those who have seen it before. This is my CD setup:

If you have the depth, you can go 2 deep. The 2 front shelf units slide (they’re on rollers, you can see the rail in the pic), the back ones are fixed. This works for shallow stuff such as CDs, DVDs/Blu-Rays and paperback sized books. Not really practical for LPs though.


Initially I sorted them alphabetically then I bought a cataloguing package with barcode scanner. Scanned all the CDs which allocated a unique number to each CD then stored the CDs as I bought them (non-alphabetically now) wrote a macro program for an excel spreadsheet which allowed me to input the unique catalogue number and output “middle of shelf number three in dining room”.

Now with over 10,000 CDs (all now ripped to flac) the output is “Box 22 in the loft”.


It’s always great to see Koss peering out there :smile:


Was that purchased; built by you or built for you? I’ve moved to streaming via ripping my CDs and I intend to keep purchasing CDs to rip and then store. The “store” will be the garage but I’d like to continue to store alphabetically so something like yours would work as it would take up far less space than the 1,600 currently take up in the living room.

And what did you end up doing @emrei?

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Work in progress

Open to your suggestions

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Wow! Looks like it’s going to be very impressive.

Thank you


I still buy hardcover books instead of Kindle…

İt is different look at life and objects around it.

I stream and use Kindle but like cds, LPs and books as well.

Like mechanical watches instead Apple Watch



Built for me. My sister is an architect and she designed it for me. A carpenter built it.

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Excellent piece of design.