Life After Naim

There are a few of us I believe who have moved on to another Hifi brand and so this thread is for us to share our experiences of a life after Naim.

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My Naim journey was extremely enjoyable I’ve owned some exceptional amplifiers and enjoyed some very happy times listening to music played through them.
Ultimately though I found a set of speakers that in my domestic set up didn’t work with Naim so I chose to keep the speakers and change amps.


Burn the heretic!


Hi Bob,

I left Naim in the 90s, mainly, moving to EAR Yoshino, which I enjoyed for a few decades. It is interesting you mention speakers as it was buying a pair of SBLs that led me back to a 300DR.

For me it is all about system synergy, and I think finding a pair of speakers that work well in your room is not easy. Having done that you need electronics that makes the best of them. You have sensibly gone in one direction while I have returned!

Either way, this forum is a rather civilised place to hang out.




I seem to remember from a long time ago that @Bobthebuilder did like the SBL’s too but did not get them in for to remain undisclosed reasons - so who knows, he might return via the same route :slight_smile:

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I may be tipping my toes into non-Naim power amps to add to my two systems (Nova and SN2). Mainly to give the speakers more juice and the Naim separates are beyond my willingness to pay.


I went away and came back, won’t do that again.


Yes I did acquire a lovely set of SBL’s when I bought a whole Naim system but as lovely as they where they didn’t really compete with my Dyns.

I’ve acquied a Luxman source and amplifier while my many Naim boxes are in storage (not compatible with the non earthed property we are moving in to).

It will be 2 years away from Naim. I’m still 3 months away from setting up the new non Naim system though.

As some of you know, after demoing the Naim integrateds and streamers, I finally only kept the NDX2. I wasn’t willing to fill the room with black boxes, nor to immobilize a fortune in “my whim” as things stand and go, so for amplification I had to look for something synergistic with the speakers, the room, the source and my principles, and, in the end, marveling with the MF NuVista 600 hybrid.

@Mike_S, if you decide to tipping your toes into non-Naim juicy power amps, I suggest you keep rating the MF NuVista integrateds range; having been able to enjoy several pairs of Totem, including the Winds, I am afraid that, for a very reasonable price, these hybrids must also make the Totems sing.



Bought my 1st Naim, a brand new Nait 1 many years ago after a demo where it left my very nice A&R A60 for dead. Heard many amps over the years, Meridian, Linn, Luxman, Chord, Rega, Quad, Creek, Nytech, Crimson, McIntosh, Musical Fidelity, Devialet, NAD, Arcam, Bryston, Moon, Levinson, Prima Luna to name a few. None have ever made me think of changing.

The most interesting brands other than Naim i’ve heard, but really as a whole system is Audio Note, and second would be Dynavector with Shahinian (both of which i could easily live with) I should mention the Farlowe era of Exposure which i’ve never experienced, but have a feeling i will like it judging from others experience whom i trust.

I should say i’m far from a Naim fanboy, not every model has hit the spot…


Moved to dCS Bartok from NAC272 nearly a year ago

I wanted the simplest high-quality three-box footprint; chose Bartok with ATC actives

Would have considered a NAC372 if it existed, up to £10K … but that is the subject of other threads

So far so great

I had hoped that would be that

The temptation to add preamp/add clock/cable swaps/etc is however still just beneath the surface

Probably instilled in me from the Naim days together with continued reading of this forum

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Ooooh sorry to dash that but it might be nature over nurture here. I had basically the same Naim electronics for 6 years with a speaker change and DR upgrade early on in that period. Heavy forum use but zero (well very very low) temptation to bother changing what isn’t broken. And when it comes out of storage - I’ll still have it. There are 2 types of box swappers:

  • Those that admit it and are happier for it. Swap on!
  • Those that haven’t come out of the box swapping closet yet - perhaps even to themselves.

Let’s see if there is a new box in your system in 18 months :wink:


There is no life after Naim


There was life before Naim, and the rest, as they say, is history. :+1:


Given where you are from, having a ‘name’ / naïm is more or less the same as ‘being’ indeed - my brother in law explained me.

I also have to add that I don’t think I’ve found my final solution just yet but I’m happy with what I do have.

I’d also like to add that Naim products are rock solid and hold their value better than almost every other brand.

I think if I ever did revert back to Naim it would be with Naim speakers I’d love to try a 52/SC/250 SL2 system.

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Moved to Auralic with ATC actives last year when 272 replacement failed to materialise and complaints about buzzing XPS got too much. Still enjoying the journey but have now returned to Naim for my office system with an Atom and Iotas. Both setups give much pleasure.



Thanks for that insightful comment.

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IMO its good to have a wide range of experience and the best way to learn something new. Although its possible that @Cardoso has a dry sense of humur and I am missing something. One of the reasons i need all the help I can get.

Edit: Looks like Cardozo’s original post has gone so some of these make less sense now.

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