Light scratching noise on headphones - wifi maybe?

Agreed, I am pretty aware that it may be a fault there. However I do not intend to ever connect via WiFi.

As for SQ. I actually had another Star prior to this one. It got swapped out because I had so many freezes, which turned out to be firmware after all. I’d have to say it is sounding better now than ever before, so if there are any effects on SQ I am unable to hear it. In fact, this issue may always have been present as I never run on WiFi. However even if I was on WiFi I would not have noticed it as I initially only has the Sennheisers and the Mezze’s are a reasonably recent purchase.

I know this could be perceived trying to argue a real problem away but if there is something that may need attention that is not affecting my joy right now, I prefer to shelve it until after the pandemic. That is a conscious decision. Having to arrange pickup/dropoff during lockdown with masking and such will cause me far more discomfort.

So I totally hear what you say and in no way discount it and I really appreciate the extra info.

No worries, it’s your choice of course. Please be transparent though if you come to ever sell it…
All the best.

Thanks for the advice, I do consider myself an honest person though :wink:

It is perhaps important to say here that the choice not to send it for service is based on the recommendation of my authorised dealer not to do it, after fully describing what I was experiencing and them discussing with the service tech. I did not cancel the service request myself.

I just support that decision at this time.