Lighting on the MuSo QB2

When I first got my QB the lighting setup was fine. However, then I started playing with the lighting setup on the app and, as you can guess, it’s now completely mucked up. I can’t get me head around what the green icon on the right does and what the not-green icon on the left does on the lighting setup screen :frowning:

I just want the lighting to come on when in use and turn off when not in use :frowning:

The one on the right makes the lights brighter, the one on the left lower. All lights are off when the Qb is turned off by touching the central logo on the dial for about three seconds.

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arrr… didn’t know about the 3 seconds press. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong; I’m just going into some form of pause mode when I press the volume knob.

If you hover your hand over the dial it lights up. You then press and hold the play button in the middle and it turns off.

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It took me a while to work that out too! It was probably also HH who told me about “touch & hold”…

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Who would possibly think of looking at the quick start guide that comes in the box? Err, that would be me.

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as they say…RTFM :slight_smile:


I don’t remember there being a quick start guide with mine… I’ll double check the box.
Mind you, as I already had 2 x QB MK1’s, I possibly simply thought they’d be the same and I didn’t bother reading the QS guide…

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