Limitation in bandwidth of Naim amps

sometimes it is said that Naim amps (pres and power amps) have a limited frequency bandwidth. So the complete amplification is focused to the frequencies up to about 50 kHz.
Is this correct and is this the case for all the Naim amps?

The preamps filter out ultrasonics which can make the power amps unstable if exposed to and one of the main reasons that a Naim power amp shouldn’t be partnered with a non Naim preamp but partnering a Naim preamp with a non Naim power amp is perfectly fine.

But I guess, the real question is, why do you want to know? Are you trying to solve some problem and if so, what?

I doubt anyone can hear beyond 20khz frequency

There’s no point amplifying beyond 20 kHz and Naim are correct to limit bandwidth so ensure the power amp isn’t wasting energy where it isn’t needed.

It’s a bit like asking so a Porsche won’t go to 600 mph ? It’s limited in speed :joy:

I just asked because not every manufacturer has this limitation and high res files contain much higher frequencies than 20 kHz - not only noise.

I like the Naim sound very much. That’s the main reason for climbing the upgrade ladder.

Without a doubt you can not hear frequencies over 20 kHz. But perhaps you can recognise these frequencies in other ways. That might be the reason for which Naim has a Limitation much higher than 20 kHz.

And to the Porsche: Yes, it cannot go faster. Because every Porsche is not artificially limited in speed. It is just the natural end of acceleration.

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As others have said here, bandwidth limiting is usually a good idea (when done well) and is done to make life a lot easier for the amplifier, which means you can optimise it for the frequency range that really matters.

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