Limited Edition Star

My email says that a limited edition Unitistar is available at a rather attractive price from a certain high street chain

It looks like a load of bits chucked together. Unlike black, Ash grey doesn’t flatter the Uniti case design.

This was released a year or two ago as a special edition with matching Focal 926. It must be left over from that. As it’s ash grey, maybe it’s a fire sale.



Thanks , no mention of the 926 but there is a substantial discount

Glad to see you back and enjoying your Nova, I am very happy with mine


Think of a number between six and eight and a tree used for shipbuilding

I always sort of wondered if special editions were just a creative way of getting shot of bad batches of anodized cases.

Though the tin editions would have been nice if the knobs had matched. When bits don’t match it looks like, “oh dear, how we gonna shift these dodgy cases? I know!

I don’t think they will maintain their second hand value, but it is an all in one , so the chances of having an additional piece of Naim equipment aren’t as high as for a traditional Naim Classic

I received that email as well. Oh dear!

I’m sure that’s right. It’s not that bad I suppose, maybe it’s just the fact it’s different that puts people off. Here it is with its matching speakers, or speaker in this picture. It looks fine in the right setting.

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The fact that the plastic part has been kept black (incongruously from some viewing angles) does tend to support that theory.

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The ash grey will not fix the ripping actual problems on it.

No, I’m reliably informed that all grey case parts are very specific to the grey units, made to special order, and definitely not reject parts repurposed.

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No, while you may feel this reads well on forums, this is pure fiction I’m afraid - see my post above.

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A lot of things are “invented” by (happy) accident - maybe this came about along the lines of FR’s thought. Or maybe not!

As a thirty plus year customer , I would not believe anything less of them.

I suspect that the matching speakers may have been sold separately

I thought the display screen was glass now?

No idea! But the material is irrelevant to the comment.

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