Line input of new Uniti gear

Is my understanding correct that the Line Input of the Uniti range converts the analog signal back to digital? If yes, I would like to get feedback from Uniti owners on how they perceive this process in terms of its effect to the sound…

  1. Does the sound of say, a third party CDP completely, or in most part transformed to the typical Naim sound? Meaning to say, the third party CDP’s house sound (particularly its DAC section) is what we may say overshadowed already by the Naim house sound? If yes, is it still better to connect the third party CDP’s digital out (if there is) straight to the Uniti’s digital inputs in order the get that Naim DAC house sound?

  2. Or would you say that even with the Uniti converting the analog signal to digital, the third party CDP’s house sound is still intact and very much audible?

I’m not after which sounds better as everybody has different tastes. It’s more of an objective question on whether or not the digitizing process changes the third party CDP’s house sound.

I think using the CD as a transport only, as digital input into a Uniti is the way to go and the way it’s designed to be used.

I think it depends on the CD player. I’d suggest you listen both ways.

Nova here and the analogue inputs work just fine.
Whatever the source will determine the sound.
A bottle of poor wine, is not improved by serving it in an expensive or fancy glass - same applies to sound.
If you have a specific system in mind, then best to detail here, someone else may have same / similar.
Otherwise if it’s a “general” question, @opus has given a very succinct answer, ymmv.

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