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I’ve recently acquired a new to me supernait 2 (absolutely delighted with it). Wondering about the ability to use a line out to pass music to a second amplifier that’s driving another zone in the house. Amp is housed in the same rack. The manual refers to a line out that can be used to record so wondering if I can use a din/rca cable to connect a din out from the sn2 to rca in on the second. I raised this in a previous thread but since closed regarding my Nait XS which I was told wasn’t possible. However some of the comments mentioned the SN may be capable. Any suggestions appreciated on how to pass the signal to a second zone using the SN2. Thanks in advance.

So long as the second amp has a volume control it should be fine.

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Thanks! It does. It’s a small amp with a passive pre just to drive some in ceiling speakers. I was reading in the Manual to be careful not to create a feedback loop so wanted some input before trying it. I’m careful not to do anything that could harm anything in my system so always best to check first.

I think you will be fine, but be sure to start with the volume VERY LOW on the second amp when you try it. Good luck.

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Total noob question. Is the sequence rca in to the input and din out to the second amp from the same input or is there a way to send whatever source is playing to the second amp? I don’t see an option line tape/mon that was on amps of years ago. Perhaps though Naim has this configured that whatever is playing will be diverted through the din out. Anyone know how this will work functionally?

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The line out will send the signal for whatever source is selected on the SN2.

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Great thanks Mike!

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A very nice feature which I hope to use in the future.


You would use one of the Record outputs (HDD DIN out). Only possible issue to be aware of here is the length and capacitance of the interconnect you use. It’s obviously only designed to drive a low capacitance interconnect of 1.25m length. Assuming you need a much longer interconnect, you may need to pad it out in order to avoid instability. Naim have in the past used a 100R resistor to pad out their 5m and 10m sub leads. I guess you won’t know for sure until you try…

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This is possible with XS and SN. They both have line in/out, i have used tape recorders and minidisc recorders with both amps. Use either socket highlighted below. XS and SN have the same sockets. You just need the correct interconnect, din 5 on one end, 4 x rca on the other.

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Thanks Richard. I only need a short run and have a 1m chord din to rca that I’ll try.

Thanks Robert!

Hi folks. I’ve been playing with this. Have a din out from HDD on sn2 to rca going in to the second amp but no sound in the second zone. I’m currently playing my streamer in the main system and was thinking it would pass to the second amp but no luck. Is there some setting on the sn2 I need to make or should this work automatically?

Are you using a regular DIN interconnect? If so, it won’t work as it will be using the wrong pins. You need one wired for the REC out pins.

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Thanks Richard that might be it. The one I’m using is some no name thing. The have a chord Clearway somewhere (trying to find it now) that maybe is geared up for that.

The simplest is to use a 5 pin din to 4 rca plugs, where 2 will be ‘play’ and 2 for ‘rec’.


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