Linear psu dc link cable

I have just replaced the cable between my linear psu and Roon pc…omg what a difference! More of everything… the original psu cable was a basic cable supplied by Wellang… which appears to a fairly thin but well made coaxial cable. I replaced this with an 8 core braided cable I made myself…here are some pics…

Above here… is the cable…and here is my finished cable. Anybody out there with a linear psu … get a better dc feeder cable…its well worth it.

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Pretty sure there is a section of members that’ll put this away as nonsense, not possible/unexplainable, expectation bias and all that but my experience is the same in a slightly different context.

I have a LPSU on my EE8 switch and the power cord on the PSU has a clear audible effect on the SQ. It’s 15 meters away and not even powered from the same CU but there you go.

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Not surprised … what surprised me is how it effected the sound - stereo vastly better, depth, space, air - and transients, bass seems tighter with more definition of deep notes, quite amazing. The effect is very similar to a DR upgrade to a power amp…

Agree. The improvement can be quite astonishing. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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I have feverishly been going through my music files…enjoying them…its like a whole new world :wink:

There is a whole warren of rabbit holes to disappear down here, and they make a difference if not always an improvement.

If you want to go fully to the experimental try routing the power through a network cable via PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapters …it will make a difference; ensure that the network cable and adapter are rated for the DC voltage you will be moving.

THEN you could try …

Anyway, I went a looong way down this rabbit hole, before deciding that music was my main focus.

I still use LT3045s on my DC to clean it up.

I am quite happy cable wise…however the psu I made has some cheap capacitors in there…so I will be replacing them with Elna Silmic II … Then next port of call is to move away from a windows mini pc and install rock on a passively cooled Nuc7i7bhn and see what that does…


VERY sensible!

That is the black cable you are referring to? Interestingly, I tried a Silent Angel ‘Bastei’ cable ‘upgrade’ and to my ears it sounded worse than the supplied. This proves nothing of course, other than that a short DC cable can impact in an audible way.


Yes…its the black cable…I put a sleeve…on it.

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