Link Plug on Nait XS

Is the Link Plug on the XS integrated (piece that connects the preamp and amp sections) essentially the “jumper bars” as seen on other integrateds; described as pre-out/main-in? (i.e. Creek 5350SE, etc.)

If that is the case, then is that link plug a DIN connector? Of so, has anyone tried using a DIN to DIN cable to see if this improves the sound? Just curious as I’ve read lots of posts out there on several forums about how changing out the steel jumpers for interconnects improves the sound–since it’s essentially like separates.

Not sure if this concept carries over to Naim gear, so hence the reason for my curiosity :slight_smile:

I’ve ot heard of anyone trying that idea. The only reason why Naim peeps remove the link plug is to add a HiCap & get a real improvement in SQ.

You could try, but you’d need quite a rare SNAIC - a 5-4 SNAIC, usually only supplied to special order to allow a dual rail supply to feed a single rail pre-amp.

The link plug itself is designed for purpose and is not just a metal bar like you used to get with the NAD 3020 et. al.


Thanks for the explanation. I figured it wasn’t just a 5-pin to 5-pin link. I also figured being Naim, they would design this piece in keeping sound quality in check. Coming from an integrated with pre-out/main-ins, and the typical steal jumper bars, I had to ask out of sheer curiosity.

I’m currently using my newly acquired XS with a newly acquired CD5x and Vandersteen 2C’s. (Yes, I’m the guy using Vandys with Naim). I’ve gotta say, the XS is an entirely different animal to when I last used a Naim (5i non-italic). There is some serious juice running through this thing. It powers the 2C’s like a 125wpc McCormack power amp I used to have. But it does it with so much more dynamics and authority.

Next is speaker cable and interconnects. I’m currently using Mogami 3082 speaker cable with 2549 RCA interconnects. When I had my Nait 5i and CD3.5, I tried the NACA5 speaker cable and Din to Din interconnect cable. However, I was not liking the sound. However, perhaps I may have to give it another try. The Mogami cabling though is very neutral and sounds very good.

I use Mogami 2549 DIN-DIN IC’s, & I’ve tried a lot of others & have no desire to change. I might be persuaded if someone gifted me a Super Lumina

Hi Mike,
Very interesting. I wonder if there is a audible difference between RCA and DIN?

What speaker cable are you using?

Good to hear that the NAIT XS and the Vandersteens have worked out well together.

Chord Odyssey. It fits my room going under the fireplace in conduit. I’ve tried a few others routed around the fireplace, including Mogami, NACA5 & TQ but none enspired sonically enough to encourage a change.

Where did you buy your Mogami 2549 DIN-DIN cable?

RedCo Audio, Connecticut, USA.

Excellent! That’s were I bought my Mogami 3082 speaker cable.

Hi Mike,

Is there an “ideal” length I should have the DIN-DIN 2549 made to? Or, doesn’t that stuff matter here?

Also, have you ever tried the naim gray or lavender interconnect? If so, I assume the 2549 is world’s better?

Hi JSB, there is not an ‘ideal’ length that I’m aware of. However an IC can be too long when capacitance starts having an effect, but that would probably not be until the cable length is around 5m or more.
I made mine with the design intent of minimum capacitance, its why I chose 2549. To get even less capacitance I made the cables to fit the distance between sources & amp. One is 28cm long & has a signal path capacitance 21pF core to screen. The other is 37cm & the capacitance is 28pF core to screen.

Yes I have tried the Naim Lavender (they come with the Naim) also HiLine, Chord, AR, Flashback Sales & a bunch of others including other DIY projects.

Wow, you have tried a lot of cables… and the 2549 bested them all?

Before I initially sent this note, I did pick up a naim gray interconnect for cheap, and it should be here by the end of the week. Then, just as I paid for the gray, someone told me the lavender is the better sounding of the two. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’m anxious to compare the naim gray DIN to my 2549 RCA’s. I assume I can have both connected to the CD5x at the same time? It should be similar to having two sets of RCA’s, right? (i.e. Arcam players). There are several line-level inputs on the XS. I should be able to play a disc, then toggle between the two inputs on the XS and give a real-time comparison.

Your cable then is roughly 1ft. Do you stack your gear on top of each other? If so, is it amp on top of CD or vice versa? I’ve always been told to never stack gear on top of each other. Why? I have no idea. Interference I guess? Naim is a different animal though, so I imagine it’s ok. It would be better if I could stack anyway so I can fit my TT.

Hi again JSB, 1ft, ‘gray’ & ‘gear’, do I detect you are from the western colonies?

A Naim ‘grey’, I’m not sure such a cable exists these days, a new Naim grey coloured cable will be the Lavender, its grey with a pink blush.

Re connecting both at the same time: Yes it can be done (I assume, you can toggle between them on a Nait) but not advised. The capacitance & other electrical properties of the unused cable will be added to the one you are listening to & it will affect its sonic signature.

No the 1ft long cable does not mean I’m stacking on top of each other, each unit is on its own shelf.

Yes, I’m on the other side of the pond (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania).

I bought the grey interconnect used. The Lavender interconnect replaced the grey some time ago. I never knew there existed a lavender interconnect until just recently.

Very nice layout of cabling!


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