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To complement the Music Chain thread, this is one for less obvious links, where the challenge is to identify the link, then link a new record for others to find the link. It does of course require a degree of frequency of viewing by anyone posting a challenge so they can respond to confirm if either i) it was the link that they used when set up, or ii) it isn’t the original but is a good enough one, revealing the original.

To kick it off, in the Music Chain thread I had pasted this:
To which Tobyjug posted:
The link was rather obscure, Superchip = deep fried chicken.

So to that I return a challenge: without going through Superchip, what link is there from Polishing Peanuts to this:

Whilst it suggested itself to me in about 30 seconds after looking into Polishing Peanuts, it probably is a bit too obscure …or is it, @TOBYJUG?

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There’s at least three links here :nerd_face:

And my link to Momma’s Reward?

i think it will be too difficult for a french chicken as me. It’s a thread for english native persons i feel.

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