Linn Axis concerns

Hi any tips or problems about purchasing linn Axis can they still be repaired etc, thanks

I had one for about a year which I bought blind on the bay. When it arrived in the post the stylus was shot so replaced it. Other than that it was very good. Upgraded it for an LP12 subsequently.

Unless you can demo one you are buying blind and you could be getting anything.

If you can get one from a dealer and demo it, it would be better.

The deck can be repaired as far as I know. I sold mine on for the price I paid for it.

A new RP3 could be another good option for you

The Linn Axis I bought as a birthday present for my younger daughter 30 years ago is still giving sterling service attached to their NAC52/52PS/NAP250, and her hubbie is still buying vinyl! Using internal boards on the 52. Sounds very good to me. I got it serviced by Peter Swain for them not too long ago. My elder daughter had a Rega Planar 3 (32 years ago!), and I think the Axis was better.

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A long time ago I had a Linn Axis and loved it after a power cut, it stopped working. Tried to get fixed (power supply fault) without any luck. It appeared the only way to get it to work again was to use an Origin Live external power supply solution… fortunately my friendly dealer migrated the arm/cartridge, lid to a second hand LP12 with a Hercule board. Major improvement in sound and the capability to fix any faults…

Bad news was the having a ‚Äėbasic‚Äô LP12 means it does not take too long before the attraction of upgrades bites‚Ķ Now years on the only item from the second hand LP12 is the lid and plinth‚Ķ everything else has been replaced‚Ķ

My advice… is to consider a used Rega… still offers a good sound and no/very little temptation of the upgrade urge… don’t get me wrong, every upgrade on my LP12 has given sound improvements… but it has been an expensive journey

I know what you mean. My LP12 is rather like ‚ÄúTrigger‚Äôs Broom‚ÄĚ. Not sure if anything remains from the original bought in 1983. Currently I have a Karousel Bearing on order from Peter Swain & Co ‚Ķ

There is enough room inside an Axis to repair it with a Hercules board
The original board stays in there too…as the motor is mounted to it
If your buying an Axis… go for the later ones with the thicker top sheet and relocated switch position
If you want to improve/mod one
Cut down the rock hard rubber suspension inside it and put in some sorbothane discs

Like many older electronics the electrolytic capacitors can bloat and fail giving power supply issues. Recapping can be done by most competent electronics repair shops, or by yourself if OK with a soldering iron. Time consuming but parts are cheap.

I would pass on a s/h Axis. There can be PS problems, and there are too many other great options for similar money, such as a Systemdek or a Manticore. Or just spend a bit more and get the deck you really wanted, a Sondek.

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I agree!

Back in the early 90s I had a Manticore Mantra turntable that at the time was reckoned to be the best (relatively) cheap alternative to a Linn Sondek, Roksan Xerses or Pink triangle.

I recall that in a comparative review of the time, turntables by Heybrook and Acoustic Research (?) came close to the Mantra in the same price range, but the Linn Axis and a few other turntables of the day were not quite so highly rated.

If you can pick up a Mantra in good condition, then go for it!. However, a good s/h Gyrodec would in my opinion be even better, albeit more expensive.

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