Linn ekos se tonearm cueing

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with the cueing device on the ekos se. When I lower the stylus onto the record it seems to skate across the outer run-in groove, it doesn’t happen on all records.
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Are they recent Blue Note reissues? The exact same thing happens with my Rega RB3000 arm. Other records are fine. On the Blue Notes the stylus seems to leap across. Curing it slowly fixes the problem, rather than just letting it drop, but it does seem odd.

HH, it isn’t so bad if you cue the arm slowly but my hand isn’t so steady anymore lol. :+1:

Is anti stake and cartridge weight set up correctly? Never found this and issue with my Ekos SE

Moving a little more weight to the front my cure the issue


The bias/anti-skate on the Ekos SE isn’t the best (so a Linn dealer told me) and as the arm lowers it can move out a bit IME, even when the bias is correctly set (by dealers x 2 in my case)

I just cue mine up a tad inside and job done.


I think you may find Rega supply Linn.

And I think you may find that they don’t.

My bad. I am sure i saw an interview with Roy Gandy by Michael Fremer where said the Rega cueing mechanism was sold to famous Scottish manufacturer.

Maybe you are right but I’d be most surprised if the Ekos SE used Rega parts.

have been looking at this over the weekend - Linn introduced some changes to the SE arm - some say SE2 - I have the black cueing arm so SE 1 - never at all had a problem with the cueing of an album

you can see the two arms in the photo and find more information on the Linn website Linn Docs

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