Linn Kan 1 replacement speaker surround?

My trusty Linn Kan 1 (Kef 110 base units) need new rubber surrounds. Seems very difficult to find proper replacements. Anyone who knows where I can find replacement surrounds?

Try Falcon Acoustics.

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I Googled ‘b110 foam surrounds’ and came up with a couple of hits for newly made ones within Europe. They are probably for the original B110 / SP1003 though. Is that what yours are? If not, then don’t know if they will work with the later B110B / SP1057 version used in Kan 1s from about 1985 onwards.

Also looked at Falcon but could only see completely new drive units, not any spare parts. Worth asking them though.

My are serial number 182xx. Not sure what version of the Kef 110 they have.

Why not just buy a new set of B110 drivers…? Worth it, IMHO.

In that case they are original B110 / SP1003

I’ve not compared Falcon’s to original KEF units though. Seen a comment or two on PFM that they are not as good. Bear in mind Linn used to modify them in various ways, as discussed here:

Just curious, how do you know the rubber surrounds have gone? Are the grills off?

Yes, I removed the grills.

Maybe these surrounds will work:

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