Linn Kan mk2 crossover?

Hi all I am finishing of my … experimental Kans. I am completing the veneering - and have done one cabinet…(each weighs 20lbs - they are like a brick)… and I am about to finish the other. I will do a complete story on this design and build. This will be my attempt at a super non active Kan. (done just for fun - I have no idea how it will turn out)

I have constructed mk1 crossovers - which are going to be housed remotely in their own boxes. However - ultimately I am after mk2 crossovers … now Mr Ballyhill kindly sent me excellent pictures of each side … of the mk2 board & components … great…but I am stuck for the coil values can anybody help. A circuit diagram with component values and coil values would be amazing help…if such a thing exists…

Hi R,

The PFM DIY forum or the WigWam Linn Owners Club may be of assistance.


Or Falcon Acoustics

I have a query out to them …they helped me with my mk1 crossovers … great company.

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