Linn Kan tweeters

Looking at getting a pair of mk2 Kans. Cabinets are in good shape, but won’t have a chance to listen before deciding.

What replacement tweeters are recommended, and do they clip on or need to be soldered? I had a brief look around the web including Falcon’s website and it wasn’t obvious to me if there is a particular model of replacement tweeter that works best.


Just curious…Why do you think they need replacing?

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I don’t know for a fact they need replacing. It’s a possibility I want to be prepared for. I read how another forum member replaced the tweeters and got a big improvement (not sure if they were older mk1). I also experienced a big improvement when I replaced the tweeters on my SL2s.

I think the Mk2 used Hiquafon tweeters.

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You could also email Oskar at Hiqophon ( and he can recommend the direct replacement (OW1-92 IIRC). I don’t think the design has changed very much since they supplied Linn. They ain’t cheap but probably the safest option.

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The earliest Kans used Scanspeak D2008s, then Hiquphons.


That was the Kan 1. All Kan 2s had the Hiquphons


Soldering is likely to be needed, I think… :thinking:

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I remember when my tweeters failed in my left isobarik speaker {top and front) and my dealer replaced them. They were soldered. Not sure if the tweeters were the same in the isobarik and the Kans, but it they were then they would be soldered.


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