Linn Kan with Naim amplifier

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Can you help please.

A friend of mine told me that the crossover in MK1 Kans inverts phase therefore the positive and negative should be reversed at the speaker red to black and black to red. Is this true, does anyone with Kans actually do this?
Maybe if you were running a phase inverting Linn pre amp such as the LK1 but not with Naim amps?
Any thoughts please.
Thanks, Paul.

Never heard of this. I ran Mk1 Kans with both a 110 and a 250 (not at the same time…), connected ‘normally’ and all was good… :thinking:

In any case, Kan’s pre-date any Linn amps, I believe.

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I had Mk 1 Kans with Naim pre/power…no phase inversion.
If I remember correctly, the Linn Kairn pre was phase inverting.

This is not the case for the Linn Kan.

I used to own the Linn Kairn pre-amplifier long ago, and this was indeed a phase inverting design where you should swap the speaker leads at the end of the power amplifier.

So I am taking away that the Naim amps are NOT phase polarity inverting? This came up recently in an offline discussion and I could not find any info. Thanks

It has an impact so I guess it would be described in the owners manual. Linn did this for the Kairn at that time …

Thanks, I wish the manual said either way :slight_smile:

Even if they were, would it matter so long as both speakers were connected to the amp in the regular way?

This is what my friend told me when I was buying my Kans……
“Another important point is to reverse the black and red connections to give positive absolute phase , as the crossover ( despite recapping ) will invert phase as it always has done. Remember Linn had to make their LK1 pre-amps phase inverting also to correct this anomaly. If you don’t bother with this expect the sound to be thin and lacking in punch”

Theoretically yes because it’s about attack going in the same direction. (Pressure increase of the original instrument ideally being reproduced as a pressure increase by the speaker. You would of course invert polarity on BOTH speakers).

Some people claim to hear it, I’m not sure I do. Whether it makes a difference in practice when you can’t be sure about the polarity of the recordings is another matter :slight_smile: (Some preamps have a polarity switch)

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Agreed…I was happy either way, inverted or not just so long sa both sides were the same.

In fact, when using the Linn pre/power, the dealer said that I should restore the phase at the power amp output terminals, which suggests that the Kans are not phase inverting.

Hi there
With the older Linn Kit it isn’t the Kan that phase inverts anything it was the Linn pre and power amps used together meant that all speakers connected to the power amp should be reversed.
It was an anomaly with the pre and power combo that inverted the phase.
So just connect the amps as normal and swap +&- plugging in the speakers.


Indeed, it’s in the design of the older Linn preamps. My dealer at the time told me that more electronics were needed for a correct phase output, hence this choice.

At a certain point in time, I’ve owned a separate DAC which had the possibility to invert phase, but I honestly couldn’t hear any difference …

Maybe @Richard.Dane knows if current naim amps (and pre/power amps) do?

I’m not aware that they do, or have ever done so.

Thank you. Another lose for ears telling something :smiley:

Yes, Linn wanted to use a particular volume control but it had the downside of inverting phase

Never come across (or heard of) a phase inverting Linn speaker, or any speaker for that matter

As I said earlier it was only the pre and power pairs of Linn amps that had this anomaly probably a mistake but by the time units were in production they had to run with it.
The Pre inverted the phase and the only way to fix it was to reverse polarity plugging the speakers into the power amp.
It’s quite difficult to notice a pair of speakers totally out of phase but really obvious if only one of them is.
I’m sure Naim pairs don’t do this but they do have that ch-1 ch-2 thing crossed on the back. :roll_eyes:

It’s an odd one as I’d have thought that if the pre-amp inverted phase then it would be best corrected between pre-amp and power amp or within the power amp prior to the output. IIRC Conrad Johnson did this in the past where their pre-amp inverted the phase. It mean’t you would connect as per normal from the power amp, but if you were using a different power amp then you had to be careful.