Linn katalyst ds3 vs dcs rossini

Vitus do a much better job of making hi-fi than they do in maintaining their hopelessly-out-of-date website.

The advertised version of the Signature DAC is indeed a DAC/CD transport combo as you note. However, it is available as a straight SD-025 in DAC-only form, I understand they upgrade the power supply for the DAC-only version. However, now might not be the time though to jump on the SD-025, if a streamer version is on the way.

One potential negative with Vitus streamers is the dependence on the mConnect app, which I think is just rubbish. I suppose you could bypass that with a Melco which can mimic itself as an endpoint for Linn’s control-point apps.

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I think this was addressed to me. To clarify, I went from a full Naim separates system (relatively modest at NDX/282/250DR level) to Linn + Vitus. I had reservations that I could successfully accommodate the Naim box count with other components, and certain compromises had to be made that I did not want to accept, and after a while I pulled out.

Initially I was quite happy with the switch but I have become disenchanted with Linn, the sense of engagement I associate with Naim just is not there, though the KDS is very strong in some areas. However it has been clear with recent demos that the KDS has only been scratching the surface of what the Vitus amp (RI-101) is capable of. So my next step is probably a Signature, unless my dealer tempts me to a demo of the new Vitus Masterpiece DAC or the Tidal Camira.

my budget, after selling nds/ 555 dr , or selling just the nds( to get the nd555) will be around 10k.
I have the choice between linn ds3, nd555, or vertere mg1 turntable. The third choice is also strongly considered, because i have a very good phono . The availability of new lps is a bit of a problem however.
Tidal camera or vitus masterpiece are above my budget. But i would be curious to listen to.
What about CH precision streamer/ dac or Msb? not in your radar? too expensive for me but on the same level price as Vitus masterpiece i think.

Yes as long as you go analogue out in to your pre-amp.
It won’t send a room corrected stream to an external DAC.

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Hi FR,
As you live in Paris (I think!), would it not be worth listening to a Totaldac D1 dac fronted by a DCS Network Bridge? It would be on my shortlist. There’s something about the fluid, flowing nature of music from R2R dacs that I rather like. There are several makes of special R2R dac out there, including Naim’s own.

As you mention that your dealer stocks Sim Audio Moon, I found the Moon 780D v2 to be brilliant to use but sadly not quite up there in terms of sound quality. It was good but not special, and for €10-15k you should have special.

Best regards, BF

on the naim french forum, a member is using a middle range totaldac. He his very pleased with it.
Recently he tried at home the linn ds3 and was surprised how slow his totaldac sounds vs the linn.
However the totaldac is more refined to him, nicer and softer, specially for classical music.
As you, the prat and involvement is very important to me.

Thanks FR. It would seem that the way the music is streamed to the dac is really important for that sense of rythmn/timing, hence the need to pick the right renderer (?) to go upstream of the dac. I was surprised to hear a DCS network bridge outperform the new Auralic Vega G2 in this respect, as it is less expensive than the G2.

Best regards, BF

if you can try the dcs bridge with a totaldac, it would be interesting to have your feedback. Michael Lavorgna did it, but this only review can’t tell a lot.

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