Linn Keltik Using Naim Snaxo Rather Than Linn Xover

Being a big fan of active systems and currently Linn Keltik active I have always wondered how the Keltik would fare being activated with a Naim Snaxo in place of the Linn versions. My local dealer of many years Robert Ritchie Hifi Montrose, Robert, I don’t think ever a fan of the Keltik (like many) recalled having gone active with them with a Naim Xover, admittedly probably with 8 135s,
and had favourable results.

So when Naim serviced Hicap and Snaxo 3-6 became available recently (set for Isobarik) I took the plunge. The next step was to organise suitable cables, running the snaxo into 4 Klouts means din to phono required, and a slight deviation from traditional 6pack (3stereo) to 4stereo. This was achieved by doubling the bass outputs from the snaxo bass din rather than daisy chaining the Klouts.

Well after tentatively connecting everything up, the cables were beautifully made and colour coded to aid me, I disconnected the positive terminals on the speakers. I always do this prior to switching on an active system, to save tweeter damage. Selecting some music played low with no extreme bass, I proceeded to turn the amps on one at a time starting with bass (then connect bass at speaker) check it is low frequency playing and move up the stack, bass 2 then mid, then treble, each time only connecting the speaker once amp is on and correct frequency coming from each previous connection.

And… It works… Too early to comment, cold system, cold xover and newly built cables usually start bright in my experience, and so it is, a bit bright and a tad bass light. But good enough to get the old foot tapping.



:small_blue_diamond:@Keltik,.or David :wink:,…Glad to hear :+1:

It will be exciting to follow the continuation of your active Naim-Keltik journey.

I myself have had active Keltik for a while, but with Linn’s electronics.
I have also helped install Keltik to other,… and tried different active filters.
Internally in Klout, in a Tune-box, Chakra filter and Klimax filter.

You’ve already talked about four Klout,.please tell us more about your musik-system.
Is it all Linn except the active filter.?


Hi Peder, sorry for lack of background info.
My system is a blend of stuff I have found works.
I use a Naim NS01 server (no display issues to worry about) into an Audiolab CDQ and an LP12 Lingo 3 Ittok DVx5 Uphorik as front ends.
Linn Aniversary Kairn Pre.
Cables snaxo to klout flashback Premier
K20 speaker cable

I have a SMPS Tunebox and a pair of Keltik Klimax xovers.

The presentation as expected is different to the Klimax Xovers, and too early to say which is better or preferred, I think the prat is ahead with the snaxo but it’s a tad bass light which probably helps reduce overhang.

A question for anyone who read this… I need a definative answer to which way to turn the bass pots to increase output on the 3-6.


:small_blue_diamond:Hi again Keltik :smiley:,…Now start Hockey on TV,.Sweden-Switzerland.

So I may return,.but,let everything in your music-system get really hot before you start to change anything.
Your Snaxo probably needs a minimum of three days.

I have some questions,.but we will take it later…
Now first Sweden will win over Switzerland :wink::grin:.


The cermet pots work like water taps…you turn then clockwise to lower output, and anticlockwise for increased output. It will also help to clean their contacts by briskly taking them through a few half turns in either direction, paying attention to what the original settings were.

The Snaxo is also very sensitive to acoustic vibrations and deserves the best support/isolation you can give it.

Thanks Ron, just what I needed to know , I had a 362 once and its pots operated in the opposite direction for some reason, but I just could not remember.

I know to give the system time to settle before I try a small adjustment. I’m quite amazed that it’s so close in settings though.


Maybe this is implied in your post but did you get the the 362 adjusted by Naim for the Keltiks? Unless they have both the same crossover points and rolloff as Isobariks, an unmodified 362 won’t be optimal (or even safe for the speakers long term).

I’m using a 3-6 not a 362 unfortunately and yes it was /is a gamble, but it won’t damage the keltiks.
Too early to say if it outguns the Linn Xover but it seems remarkedly close as there are no frequency humps or suckouts, just a general slight leanness to the lower registers.Even that is to be expected from a cold system with newly produced cables.

What an interesting experiment, thanks for sharing.

Well I waited 4days before doing anything, I’m well impressed with myself.
I contacted a few folk (inc Naim who did not reply) and Ron came up with the correct answer, anti clockwise to increase output on olive snaxo 3-6.
The sound has been enjoyable up to now but bass light, top end smoothed out itself and is sweet.
So delved in with a screwdriver of correct tip size, insulated up shaft incase of any accidents. I was left with one quarter turn 90degrees adjustment which I took the max. And it has certainly done the trick, I now need to wind back slightly to be honest, but at least it fell within the scope of adjustment. I had forgotten how sensitive the pots are.

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Of course whether it is satisfactory is not just about the level of the bass but the bass mid overlap, pumping up the bass may give me a bass mid hump so I’m not out of the woods yet.

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