Linn Klimax with Nac52

I have just recently purchased a DS3 and would like advice on installation . A few options i need to consider would be

  1. Do i use the linn silvers and get one end terminated to Din for 52 connection or would a better alternative be to purchase a hi line rca to din / chord sarum ?
    2.The linn power cable looks pretty basic , anyone use a naim powerline or chord alternative ?
    3.Speakers measured for space optimisation - i use Shahinians that are not on Linns list - dont know what to do regarding this ?

Thanks in advance

  1. As will all sources that feed a Naim amp, RCA to DIN is the best option. Which cable you use is entirely up to you and your budget, so I would recommend a demo and see what you prefer. The supplied Linn Silvers will be fine while you look though.

  2. Linn Klimax units can’t accept all power chords due to the positioning and overhang. A Linn Dealer will be able to advise on a suitable upgrade should you decide to try one. Chord made a specific version for Linn Klimax.

  3. You can still use Space Op without you speakers being listed

    But you can let Linn know which speakers you have and they will look to add them in time, but don’t hold your breath.

Many thanks IainW for the info very helpful :+1: :+1:

I am currently waiting on the Linn silvers to be terminated to din , presently using a cheap flashback cable into the tuner input on the 52.
I must say on 24/192 quality is fabulous (qobuz)
My question is , is there a preferred input to use for the streamer on the 52 , cd/aux/tape/vcr/tuner

Glad it’s sounding good for you.
My dealers advice is always to use the CD input as it has the shortest internal signal path. Not sure if that is still true for Olive though. It also depends what else you have plugged in I guess.

Many thanks AGAIN IainW for the info very helpful :+1: :+1:

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