Linn Klyde

The Sondek LP12 thread tempted me to dig out my LP12/Ittok from under the stairs.

I thought I had a Karma fitted but must have changed this to a Linn Klyde last time it needed a new stylus. Good news is it looks brand new after 18 years.

Looked on the web last night and thought I should double check on what people think of the Klyde?

Anyone have one or remember what it was like?

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View are generally mixed. My dealer said the Klyde was improved over the years so this may account for some of the varied opinions. I think it had a long production lifetime of about 20-25 years.

I like it myself. I think it makes much more sense of the music than something like the current AT 33PTG/II. It doesn’t have the clarity or fast transients of the AT but sounds more natural and involving to my ears - this is when fitted to a Linn Ekos arm. Not compared it to Dynavector though.

Great deck you have there. If it has a Valhalla then it may need a service - in fact, the whole deck could probably do with one. My Valhalla was done by Class A (Linn approved agent) and the deck sounds great. Ittok is the perfect match and I love the tuneful bouncy bass. Play some Marvin Gaye, James Brown or even early Van Morrison and remind yourself of funkier times! :wink: Add CB amps and period Linn speakers and you’ll have a well balanced and fun second system.

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I changed mine on account of it producing virtually no treble. Dull dull dull.

Thanks for the info. Sounds more promising than the reviews I found last night.

Do you know if this was a replacement for the Karma? I seem to remember the Troika might have replaced the Karma but at a higher cost.

Klyde does look great though.

That’s what the reviews suggested. I would have listened first but judgement based on trust in Linn. Maybe this is why I have been 100% CD since 2002.

Well, if you don’t like it then just stick on the new VM95E (£40) and have fun that way. It’s not quite as musical as the old K9 but more open and still very engaging - it’s what I use on my Valhalla/Ittok deck. Being an AT, it doesn’t have the slightly laid back presentation of the Klyde. You could then connect the deck straight into a Nait 1 or 2 which would boogie no end with the right speakers, assuming the deck is functioning as it can.

Although I have a Radikal/Ekos SE/Krystal deck which is overall more musical, the combination of Valhalla and an AT cart really drives the music along and grabs your attention, whereas the modern deck sits back and draws you in.


The Troika was essentially similar to a Karma but with improved rigidity thanks to the revised body and 3 point mounting. The Klyde was quite different, more an ASAKA replacement, but IIRC was made by Goldring rather than Supex. I have one somewhere that came with an LP12/Ittok that I bought. I thought it sounded fine; perhaps a bit too rolled off at the top end, but quite meaty sounding and could groove quite well too.

I still have a Klyde but no longer use it.
When I did IIRC I was using an LP12 with Ekos/Cirkus/Trampolin/Prefix Hicap
My first love is Jamaican music and I expected the Klyde to be just the ticket due to it’s way with Bass and PRaT.
Over time though I tired of it, surprisingly it was a bit sluggish and overblown.
I now use the Dynavector Karat (needed to convert Prefix to S type). I’ve had a couple of 17D2 II now a D3 and looking forward soon to a D4.
If you find the Klyde a bit dull but want to stick with Linn you might get a trade in deal.

I had a Klyde (or should I say, a number of Klydes) in my Ittok between 2003 and 2019. Last year it was replaced with a Krystal because Linn stopped making the Klyde.

I think the Krystal is a much better cart, but I was very fond of the Klyde – it had a nice fat bass sound which made it ideal for jazz, soul, funk and quite a lot of rock. A good match for the Ittok too.

Thanks @Murmur

I have been renewing the system with black boxes and will soon have a CDI/32.5/Hicap/250 and Sara’s. I also have about 800 LP’s and the Forum has encouraged me to have a go at Vinyl again.

Vinyl has been in a garden shed since 2002 but I have been clearing the garage to get it “in doors”. Don’t know if freezing and heat will have killed them so I want to check them out before I spend too much on the LP12.

Do you think there’s anything in the Klyde that would “perish” over time?

Will get a basic service and if the Klyde has had it the VM95E is a great suggestion, thanks.

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Hi @Richard.Dane

Thanks for the info. Lot of the Vinyl is Rock so it could work out well.

Can I ask about pre amps?

My 32.5 has Karma cards so I would guess I can play the Klyde or a MM cartridge straight through the relevant sockets on the 32.5.

Main system is a 2020 252/Supercap. Would I be able to plug the Klyde straight in to the 252?

If a end up with a MM cart now would this play into the 252?

Sorry these are basic questions but I stoped following hi if from 94 to this year. Wait until you read the questions on my upcoming “what’s a streamer” thread.

Hi @Dreadatthecontrols

The Klyde is over 20 years old but looks like new. Do you think it still has any value?


Thanks for posting. The reviews I found weren’t great so I have been reassured it’s worth a go. Might also balance well with new Naim amps.

I don’t know for sure. I suggest you email as they normally respond within a day and offer good advise.

Sounds like you already have a system well matched to your deck.

Defo take the deck to a reputable dealer who can check it over, including arm, main bearing, motor, etc. I wouldn’t be tempted to upgrade it myself. There is a very nice synergy assuming its got a Valhalla. It probably needs a new belt and felt mat as a minimum though.

I would avoid any LP12 Clinics where you pop in for the day and the dealer (with Linn’s help) service loads of decks whilst owners wait. Too easy for mistakes to happen and ideally the suspension should be left to settle for a few days before final tuning.

Yup, your K cards in your NAC32.5 are just fine for a LO MC like the Klyde. Don’t, whatever you do, try playing a MM cart through them though - the MM will overload them easily.

Your NAC252 requires a phono stage to play with the Klyde. Interestingly enough you could use the NAC32.5 as a phono stage…

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It’s pre Valhalla. Worked out it was late 1984. As you my have guessed I won’t touch it and will have it service before I spin it.

I have a Thorens TD160S if the temptation gets too much.

How would I plumb in with the 32.5/Hicap?

You would connect your turntable to the phono input with the NA323K cards. Then take signal out of the 32.5 via the tape out socket (rec out pins of the DIN connected here) to an input on the NAC252. Ultimately it’s more of a stop gap than anything else, and a dedicated phono stage is probably the best next step to take.

Very nice. Some folks prefer the original motor to the Valhalla. A friend has said he’ll let me have his one day (if he can find it) as I’ve yet to hear one.

Will you be investing in an Ikea Lack table as well? They offer a couple of Oak effect ones now.

Well if it sounds good it probably is. Best advice as someone else suggested is get a basic service done by a competent Linn dealer or Class A and take it from there.
The problem with cartridges in my view/experience is the stylus doesnt really wear out if properly looked after and played on good condition records. No matter how little use a cartridge as had other internals deteriorate over time, particularly damping rubbers which degrade the sound. So get a service to ensure everything else is fine first then see if it sings without any obvious distortion/mistracking. If after it sounds like its getting long in the tooth, or you dont like its sound, ask about a trade in

Read about the Ikea table. this. I have a Sound Organisation table but it has the pre amp, HIcap and CDI on it.

Would the LP12 be good on top of a Quadraspire Q4 eco?