Linn Krystal life expectancy & replacement advice

Many thanks. Not generous…

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Anybody know Linn’s trade-in price of a Krystal for a Kendo?

Not yet, but the above suggests less than £300, doesn’t it?

Does that make rival cartridges vastly better value, even to a Krystal owner?

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I think what Linn have done (with the release of the Kendo and Koil) is fill in the “gaps” in their MC range Nick

Much like the Dynavector range now, and seems to make sense to me

There was too big a gap (price and performance, I’ve had the Krystal and now Kandid on both my Linn LP12’s) between Krystal and Kandid

The Kendo will be interesting vs Kandid. I suspect though at some point there might be a price increase for the Kandid if it hangs around in the range.

As I mentioned previously , as you have the superline, the kendo and hicapdr might be a great little combo if you don’t wish to go the expense of a Kandid and SupercapDR

Hi @Bevo -you may well be right. However, I used a Hicap to power the Superline until fairly recently Once I had the airplugZ I (just) preferred using Aux2 from my 52.

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Fair enough Nick if it’s good for you

Aux2 was not expected to be better, but it still won.

The Hicap was the right answer when I had an 82, and seemed good when I swapped to 52. Once people here persuaded me to sort out my loading plugs, I found a clear preference.

SCDR is better again, at dealers, but box count is becoming an issue.

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I hear you Nick

When I went from hicapdr to supercapDR I had to add another level

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I agree.

You would have thought that Linn would be keen to encourage existing owners not to look at other brands when considering cartridge replacement/upgrades?

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I think you’ll find that Goldring will rebuild the Krystal.

I spent the morning talking platforms and baseboards at Infidelity. While there, they took a good look an listen to my Krystal. It’s in remarkably good nick for the use, which reinforces just how important a record cleaning machine is!

It will probably need replacing after few more hundred hours, which suggests a total useful life of well over 2000 hours. When the time comes, I’ll probably compare Krystal and Kendo with Lyra and Dynavector options (maybe a couple of the other suggestions too), but that could be a year away.

Thanks to all for the suggestions

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