Linn Lingo replacement feet

Doing a bit of pre-Christmas cleaning and have noticed the rubber feet on my Lingo 1 are going soft/tacky!

So before it glues itself to the rack, has anyone got a recommended suitable replacement?

If not I will measure the existing and go search out equivalent sized ones…

Atacama sell soft feet in black and clear. They are about the size of a pound coin and cost about sixteen pound coins. I’ve used them on power supplies and on the bottom of a MuSoQb2 to good effect.

You could always get your Lingo serviced, at say, Class A.

Replacement of rubber feet is normal on Naim kit, so I imagine its the same for Linn - ??

I did - literally 5 weeks ago.

Send a message to Class A, they will send you some f.o.c.


Message sent, many thanks!

I should point out that the feet appeared ok after the recent service (I would have asked at the time of service otherwise ) so no fault of Class A for not replacing them.

Getting them replaced now is excellent customer relations

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No thats what I call Service… :smile:

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