Linn LP12 Akurate and upgrades and amplifier selection please

Dear Naim Friends,

I thank you for all your previous help in directing myself to Linn Turntables…I think : )

I will revisit my stereo components:

  1. Nait CD5 XS
  2. Flatcap XS
  3. Nait XS 2

I have spoken to my local Rega Dealer and he moonlights as a Linn Dealer after-hours.
After spending some time and mainly wishing for a Turntable that is better that the Rega 8 and has an upgrade path. I am looking at the Linn LP12 Akurate.

If I do decide to go down the line of the Linn LP12 Akurate, I have two questions.

  1. If I purchase this system are there any upgrades that are a must do? This is in reflection to the new Karousel bearing.

  2. Am I over capitalising on my current amplifier and I should aim lower?

Though I do hear echoing in the back of my mind “Source First”.

For my Naim Friends Thoughts. A Majik is far easier to get past the home commander (wife). Though I always push the envelope to the next level.

My Linn/Naim dealer has recommended the OAD pre-amps or RCM Sensor 2 pre-amp for the Akurate.

Over to you forum members for your guidance please.

I do not see myself replacing the Nait XS 2 amplifier soon. Though that may change if required. Recommendations required here please.

Speakers, Audiophile Celestion SL6Si speakers from 1989. There is nothing in their price range which I wish to replace them with in todays money. Except maybe for a pair of Celestion SL12Si speakers with an extra bass driver.

Warm regards,


morning @Gigantor I agree with your first statement on source first which has been always my approach which IMO needs to be closely followed by a good balance in your system

firsty on LP12 - Akruate is a very high spec LP12, if you are looking at a new deck? the new karsouel bearing is being fitted to all new decks from release date of 23rd March - personally I would not look at Majik deck new - your money can be better spent in a good SH deck IMO

if you are looking to spend that kind of budget I would get to a Linn dealer who can demo to you all the set up’s and then you can have a really good demo - the LP12 offers a number of options

on AMP - depending on your end game with a source of that quality I would look at SN2 or even SN3 (seperate Anagolue input)

enjoy I the journey

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Source first is all very well, especially with turntables, but there comes a point when the rest of the system will still hold back the source. So I would think in terms of overall system balance. An Akurate LP12 is more than good enough to justify a full Naim Classic separates series amp, and good though the XS is, you will not be getting the best from a £7k source with it.

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I wouldn’t buy an Akurate LP12 as you can build a deck with a better arm for the same price with a dealer that has access to a range of parts.

I would also only consider working with a dealer that does primarily LP12s. Though not rocket science, practice makes perfect, and they are also more likely to help you along the upgrade journey with a mix of new and used parts.

Lastly, the XS is more than enough to show the difference between LP12 upgrades. I maxed my turntable out before moving on from the XS.


Ricsimas makes some very valid points. However I always prefer to buy new if possible. An Akurate LP12 new will have the new bearing. Buying new you could also negotiate changing the Lingo 4 to an Akurate Radikal for a super front end.

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So will any new motor unit, right? So you could start from that base and build up to the spec you need.

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Hi Paul

You mention “source first”. On that front, it could be worth looking out for a nDAC at a good price. With CD5XS as transport you’d have a great source. Good visual match too.


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Do you already own a Rega 8 (RP8? P8?) and phono stage, or is it just the objective to acquire a turntable that’s “better” than an Rega 8?

I started thinking about owning an LP12 (and I’m in the States) some months ago, and with a lot of useful help from owners decided that I’d only do it one way – get one built, for me, by a highly skilled and experienced dealer.

To some extent, every LP12 is just a bunch of parts put together. Like a bicycle (frame…gear set…wheels…brakes…tyres…). But the SYNERGY of them working together, and the necessity of them being assembled JUST RIGHT, is what’s special. I’m sure Linn think that you can buy a factory Magik or Akurate and it’ll be right every time, but many people aren’t so sure. Or are sure that the answer is “not really.”

As others wrote above, if you’re pondering that sort of investment, you’d do well to work with a true specialist and not someone who ‘moonlights’ with it. And there are many non-Linn options especially for arm and cartridge that should be considered.

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Either way having a good dealer able to set up from new or from parts is crucial. Much easier in the U.K. I feel.


Those are still setup by the dealer ultimately even if purchased as a set.

An Akurate DSM is a piece of equipment; an Akurate LP12 is a marketing concept.


I am not sure where to start. I currently only own a Gramovox Floating record player as I did not have the intention of going down the vinyl rabbit hole. My original line of thought was to go for a Rega system as my local NAIM dealer whom is two hours drive away sells Rega and I have trusted them with their recommendations with my HIFI system so far.

It was only after asking one of the staff whom it was mentioned had a $24,000 AUD system, that I enquired what he owned. His reply was a system that had been built up over the years to approximate a Linn LP12 Akurate.

Upon hearing this, I remembered in a previous post from one Forum member that the name Linn was mentioned. At the time I had no inkling about this product or company.

Possibly I am biting off more than I can chew.

Here is a link to this gentleman’s company and eBay site for a current offer:

Should I start here and build my system up over time? Or jump in at the deep end?

I suppose the first question should be which turntable manufacturer?

Then which entry point do I start at?

The attractiveness of Linn is that parts can be changed as one goes along.

I do wish to play both 33 1/3 and 45rpm albums and the thought of changing an adaptor appeared to be less desirable, annoying. Hence entering with a record player that can play both 33 1/3 and 45 RPM albums without having to change components.

Possibly, I should start with an entry level record player and earn my stripes as I go along.

Warm regards,


The 45 thing is hardly a deal breaker tho - it doesn’t take long, is upgradeable to the modern switch press, and I don’t recall m/any longtime LP12 owners jumping ship due to it. I used to play a bunch of 45s, then a bunch of 33…no big deal. I never even considered trading my Linn just to get autospeeds.

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A brand-new majik with the improved bearing would be my choice with that sort of system.
The’s always room for upgrades, actually at you’d be regretting you didn’t choose the new bearing


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