Linn LP12 Akurate is ready

G’day fellow forum members. The Linn LP12 has been sitting on its wall mount for a little while. All the interconnects and power supply cables and power distribution board have arrived and have been connected. I possibly over spent on interconnects and power supply cables to the value of $1,500 AUD for the Linn LP12 phono pre-amplifier and power supply. All of which are the latest and greatest.

This is possibly my last expense on this system. For a refresher Nait XS2/FC/CD5XS.

Now do I wait until Christmas, my birthday in early January or wait until the builders for Shelley’s spa and deck have left?

Hmm? I think I will layout some virgin vinyl for playing when Shelley goes out shopping or on walks with the dogs. I am not allowed to use the loud speakers when she is at home and am relegated to headphones of an evening. It might sound like I am under the thumb. Though we both give and take as required. Maybe I will wait til Christmas and Shelley is in her Jacuzzi with a girl friend.

More happy days ahead for both of us.

Warm regards,


P.S. Reports to follow. Kate Bush and Diana Krall are at the top of my billing and for the gents Otis Redding.


Your will power is better then mine. I’d be sending her shopping fir the day :joy::joy::joy:


If my Mrs was in a jacuzzi with her girlfriend, the last thing I’d be doing is spinning vinyl.


If you feel the need to use the words ‘I am not allowed to use the loud speakers when she is at home’ I’d gently suggest that there are more important issues to address than when to play some records.


Yes, off you go and heres my CC as well! :grinning:

@Gigantor enjoy the music, just hide the Lingo 4 out of the way, thankfully the music is far better than the looks

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I recently brought my lp-12 up to akurate level but with an early ekos and krystal . The space savings of lingo 4 over former lingo 2 went to a Rega Aura phono stage. You should treat yourself now and enjoy.

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We have been married for 32 years now with a couple of bumps in the road as one goes through life. Thank you for your comment. Though I can reassure you all is good. It is more of a loudness issue where I do not think I am playing too loud as I like to be immersed in the music. I am learning to enjoy my headphones of an evening where Shelley enjoys her Foxtel.

Warm regards,


G’day Bruce (sorry, Mitch)! Time to send the Sheila (sorry, Shelley) off shopping and crank up the volume. That’s what I do - if your ears aren’t ringing by the time she gets home, you didn’t have it loud enough!


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