Linn LP12 dust cover hinges

This topic may have sprung up before (sorry for the pun). The springs on my cover hinges have poked through the back of the hinges making the cover useless to stay up. I know there are replacements, but are the new ones made out of the same materials or have they improved upon them ?

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I had some new ones two years ago from a Linn dealer, so far I can tell they’re the same as the old ones on my 25 year old LP12

I removed the hinges from mine altogether ages ago and only put the cover over the deck when I’m not playing an album for prolonged periods of time. No hassle!

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I think our favourite Naim service place used to have a set for sale.

There is no shortage of responses to a search for ‘LP12 hinges’.

Class AAudio sell upgraded ones I think

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I bought new Linn ones on eBay about 3 years ago and been perfect since. When I bought the LP12 it had a new lid and what looked like new hinges but they didn’t work properly. And now the replacement hinges are working really well.

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