Linn LP12 podcast

Linn has just done a live podcast on Facebook about the history of the LP12. Some interesting stuff in it.


Is it anywhere else for us non FB peeps ?

Sorry, I don’t know James.

interesting on history of recording and LP12, may be NAIM need to look at this also?

dont think its outside of FB, maybe they will post on Youtube? will have a search

having to isolate should not mean being isolated , another great about this forum

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No worries - I’ll have a search later when I’ve left the ‘office’

Any luck with the search James_n?

Cheers, Rack.

I didn’t Rack. Got distracted during my research by an Alpina B7 being ‘exercised’ on YouTube. I then forgot until this notification popped up…

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That’s how the internet works. You go on looking for one thing, then get distracted by something else and end up completely forgetting what you went on there for originally. Has to be the biggest distraction ever invented. :smiley:

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