Linn LP12 Trampolin/Urika base

Does anybody know if the feet on the Trampolin/Urika base are height adjustable?


Yes but most seize up if not used.
If they don’t turn easily then best left as it can rip out the mount inside.
I believe replacement feet are available but require the tramp to be removed for access.


Also, if you’re trying to squeeze out the very best sound then its generally recommended to keep the feet fully screwed in/up, and level the underlying support instead, but I suspect this only makes a tiny difference.

I ordered a replacement foot/mounting many years ago as Skeptical said, and had to remove the entire base.

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Long, long ago…I found that you can unscrew the foot of the tramp and place washers over the thread, helped with the tramp sagging over time at the arm mount corner, without making the tramp more unstable in the lateral plane.


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