Linn Music Streaming Disappointment

Is it just me that finds it a disappointment to hear of Linn’s decision to partner exclusive with Apple Music as the streaming service forLinn recordings? Along with Hyperion, Linn have been slow to allow streaming of their musical production, and I have long been waiting for both to appear on a high resolution streaming service such as Qobuz or High Res Audio. But Apple, why? Is it solely a matter of audience size? Apple still do not provide high res streaming, am I right?

Most Apple devices play their compressed files, mp3, acc and their uncompressed AIFF format. And apparently (I’ve just learnt) WAV files. However they don’t sell any thing other than low res acc files and I’m sure their streaming service would only stream the low res compressed files as well however I never listened.

Maybe Linn needs the audience.

Obviously this is a business decision and on paper probably makes sense however and I know I’m generalising here but I would say Linn’s core audience would want a higher res service. I can’t imagine someone shelling out for a very expensive Linn streamer then using it to play mp3 files but perhaps Apple are about to anounce a Higher Res service?

Apple have “been” about to announce a hi res service for years and still haven’t delivered. Wouldn’t hold your breath

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yes well Apple nearly bought Tidal a few years ago but that went down the tubes but maybe something else is in the pipeline

I doubt Linn would be interested unless they get lossless/hires. Apple is said to been building a hires library for years.

Right now there are many rumours on new subscription services introduced this years. News, movies etc. There are also new headphones and a reange of new HomePods being readied that would match an improved music service.

Signing up Linn now is interesting. Apples next event is march 25th. They would sure love to include some specialist audio companies in that intro. We’ll see.

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