Linn Radikal: likes to be on a Fraim or doesn’t care?

I currently have my Klimax Radikal at the bottom of my Fraim, but could do with liberating the space for other purposes and also not so happy with the looks of a Silver box with a blue LED in amongst the Black and Green. Does it benefit from Fraim support or would it be equally happy sited elsewhere? Keen to hear about Radikal owners experiences.

You mean “doesn’t kare”, surely?


dont have mine on FRAIM - yes that would be best, but sits nicely next too FRAIM, under the Radikal is my QNAP

have th 90 degree conectors on Radikal , cables hang well


Try to keep the Radikal away from other power supplies especially Naim
This doesn’t apply so much for the Klimax version, but when you have the Klimax it would be pretty silly not to get the best out of it


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Thanks @Lyndon . Separating the KR from the Naim Power Supplies is possible for me to do, but very interested why you think it’s advisable: is it the Linn‘s switch mode supplies upsetting the Naim transformers or the opposite?
I’m thinking to put the KR ‘through the wall’ on a wall shelf in the room backing on to the main system such that the power cables for the motor and Urika run through the double-thickness brick wall to the LP12. That way there’s no physical/magnetic interaction AND I don’t have to see the KR!
I also have the option to put the KR on a separate power supply phase. Would this be advisable ?


most of this is my experience with moving things around when I had a AR which concurred with forum advice
The biggest impact I’ve ever had with power supplies was with the Tom Evans Mastergroove, I replaced a Superline : S/Cap DR with a mk1 Mastergroove and was initially disappointed with something that should be miles better, I was advised to move the PS and couldn’t believe the difference, I moved it back again just to check

I’ve since had this upgraded to a full Mastergroove SR

the most important part of the amp chain is the phonostage



^^^ I agree and its’ interconnect should not be overlooked either…

to be honest the KR is a totaly seeled unit and offers perfect isolation, yes would agree on being away from the larger transformers

shortest single path from LP12 from Urika to pre would also be an advantage IMO


Since you´re talking about an active motor control unit cable length between the control unit and the motor is what counts not the controlers placing on a shelf or behind a wall.

Furthermore and from a technical perspective switch mode power supplies won´t interfere with oldfashined transformer designed PSUs.

This is because of the high switching frequency and the lack of a (higher) magnetic field that expands as it does with transformers.

Second Naim is using toroid transformer designs whose magnetic fields are also limited in their spread and size.

Ultimately, they are also virtually isolated from the mains via line filters, shields and output filters, so that conventional power supplies can deal with themselves undisturbed by switching power supplies :sunglasses:

That’s all very interesting. What would you expect the spread to be for Naim transformers? Is it correct that the field spreads vertically more than horizontally?

A toroidal transformer will generally offer a reduction of 8:1 in magnetic interference levels compared with traditional frame style laminate types. But the resulting magnetic fields spread depends also on manufacturing techniques. Talema - who made also some toroids for NAIM - found a technique that hardly eliminates any field outside of the toroids dimensions.

Looking at a magnetic flux diagram for a genuine toroidal will show magnetic flux lines going (in circles/ an elliptical shape) round the core with spreading more in the horizontal pane than in the vertical one. However, due to the symmetry of a toroid, little magnetic flux escapes in the middle of the core in vertical direction too. This low intensivity leakage flux might speard a bit higher than the max. heights extraction of the otherwise elliptical field. But this little effect depends also on manufacturing techniques.

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