Linn Sonder?

Is or was there such thing as a Linn Sonder LP12? I see it mentioned on Google and also one advertised, or is it just a silly spelling mistake?

The latter.


Surely t’s the telegram that you get from Glasgow if your Linn dealer contacts HQ to inform them that you’re trading in your LP12 for, say, a Solstice?

It may be delivered by owl, as in the Harry Potter novels.

Or it could be a fake… Chinese attempts at English are rife with odd miss-spellings - one I recall is Nickey Nouse!
But if it goes cheap enough, maybe it’s worth a punt? One of my Bryston amps I bought through eBay at a remarkably low price - which I think was because the name was spelt wrong (may have been Byston), so wouldn’t have appeared in most people’s searches… (And nothing wrong or suspicious about it whatsoever.)

Looks like a money pit.
Results for serial number 27885
This Linn Sondek LP12 turntable was made between 1979 and 1981

A different seller is at the Sonder sale too. :roll_eyes:

100% agree. One for someone who can break to parts.

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